Lately, I’m having a harder time getting excited by my favorite fandoms — and I can’t help but wonder if it’s just part of the dumpster fire that is 2017.

Covering fandom means having to discuss the good and the bad, but personally I prefer to write things that involve excitement and passion. I don’t want to be the writer that is constantly complaining about things, because that’s not fun for me as a writer or for readers.

However, I’ve been having a hard time feeling my usual excitement for fandom. Instead of watching TV shows and feeling that usual rush afterwards, I’m often left feeling either neutral or negative about how things are playing out. Part of this, I feel like, is due to legitimately bad decisions on the shows that I watch.

For example some of my most recent complaints about my favorite TV shows include Grey’s Anatomy‘s weird decision to write out Riggs, the annoyingly slow pacing on The Walking Dead, and Gotham‘s decision to re-cast Ivy Pepper again.

I think that many will agree that these complaints are totally legitimate. And yet, I still feel like my over all interest has lowered, and I can’t help but feel like it has to do with the low morale caused by 2017.

It only makes sense that with everything going on, people’s moods are not as happy as they once were. Those that are worried about the issues gong on in our world today are rightfully left feeling more anxious and less hopeful than normal.

That in turn makes it more difficult to enjoy the things in the same way. I find that when I’m reading books I’m naturally drawn to plots and characters that are going to give me a boost of joy and distraction. However, on TV that’s a little more difficult to find. Many TV shows rely on drama, violence, and twists to keep viewers hooked. Are these shows giving us anything that we need if the real world is as bad as the fictional world we’re watching?

With everything going on in the real world I find myself having less patience for what I’m watching in these shows. It’s possible that some of these mistakes my favorite fandoms are making would seem less significant if I hadn’t spent the entire day reading about mass shootings, ridiculous laws being passed, or wondering if WW III is about to start any day now.

In addition to having a hard time getting excited about established fandoms, I did not get into any of the new series that started this season. Usually, the fall is a time to look forward to for TV addicts with all of the new content being pushed.

But again, this year I just didn’t muster up any thrill to get into new shows. That’s not to say there aren’t any shows out there I could get into if given the shot, but I’ve yet to rile up enough enthusiasm to do so.

On the flip side, as a writer, it can be hard to focus and get creative when our timelines on social media are filled with all of the negative things going on. I can appreciate that the creative teams from my favorite fandoms are in the same boat. If we’re all surrounded with this seemingly impending doom is it really any wonder that our work is being affected too?

I certainly don’t want to feel this way, and I’m sure others don’t either. Creators should be careful to keep in mind that viewers are dealing with a lot in the real world right now, and adjust storylines accordingly. For example, I think Grey’s Anatomy‘s goal to have a lighter season has been helpful. It looks like Doctor Who may be brighter than usual too.

I know that is more difficult for some fandoms, and so viewers should also try to balance things out with lighter fandoms. Maybe now is the time to check out a comedy series you’ve never tried before? Or read more books with happily ever afters. Whatever the case may be, here’s to hoping the world gets better and so do our favorite fandoms.


Are you having a hard time enjoying fandom in 2017?

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