12:24 am EST, January 13, 2014

The best moments from the 2014 Golden Globes

Even before they began, we knew that the 2014 Golden Globes would be a hit thanks to Tina Fey and Amy Poehler hosting.

There were predictably great moments like Fey and Poehler’s monologue, and then there were surprising moments like Diddy being pretty damn drunk up on stage. No matter the predictability, it was another excellent Globes. Want to see the nominees and winners?

Before it even began… Elisabeth Moss flipped off E!’s manicam

… And Jennifer Lawrence sneak attacked Taylor Swift.

Then ‘Arrow’s’ Colton Hayes saw Jenn’s dress and mocked it.

Who wore it better? We honestly don’t know.

When we learned that Jennifer Lawrence IS Amy Poehler

… And Julia Louis Dreyfus IS too classy for the TV section

She was nominated for her role in Enough Said, which put her in the film section of the Globes audience after being in TV previously for Veep.

… Or is she?

Either way, we have a new favorite GIF.

Then Tina Fey and Amy Poehler wrote a new ‘Scandal’ arc.

The entire opening monologue was great, actually. Watch:

When ‘Frozen’ was snubbed for Best Original Song and we had the chance to use this GIF.

U2’s “Ordinary Love” for Mandela, Long Walk to Freedom won instead.

Then there was Bisset’s wildly long acceptance speech

… And Ellen admitted to writing it

When the ‘Game of Thrones’ trailer debuted online at 9 p.m. sharp, and we muted NBC to watch the trailer in all its glory.

And we were like…

Then we unmuted NBC just in time to catch this great Bing commercial celebrating women.

Then people started getting tipsy. Diddy said what we tell ourselves every weekend.

But not to be outdone, Emma Thompson wasn’t afraid to let loose.

… And this was us watching her from home.

Aaron Paul’s message was one that ‘Breaking Bad’ fans really wanted to hear.

Tina zinged Leo.

Amy Poehler made out with Bono, and made an adorable acceptance speech.

Jennifer Lawrence also made an adorable acceptance speech.

… But not before planting one on her boy (Nicholas Hoult).

What were your favorite Golden Globe moments?

Check out a complete list of 2014 Golden Globe winners!

Video clips source: Vulture.

GIF source: Tumblr.

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