Halloween is just around the corner, so it’s time to start working on your pop culture inspired Halloween costume.

One of the most fun things about Halloween is getting to live out some of your favorite pop culture moments of the year. Whether you’re dying to step into the shoes of your favorite TV or movie character, or you just want to pay homage to the year’s best internet phenomenons, we’ve got you covered with some ideas for 2017.

Just for you

If you’re flying solo this Halloween, here are a few costumes to make sure everyone’s eyes are on you at the Halloween party.



If the scary side of Halloween is where you like to play, It has provided a perfect villain for you to dress up as. Bonus points if you can re-purpose one of your happy childhood clown costumes/wigs to create the bone-chilling version that Stephen King created.

Did you love It but don’t feel like going out in full Pennywise make-up? Throw on a raincoat, blow up a red balloon, and go out as the equally haunting Georgie.

The Atomic Blonde

Move over, James Bond. This Halloween, it’s going to be all about Charlize Theron’s Atomic Blonde. Not only will this ensemble make you feel like a complete badass, but it’ll also be super easy and cheap to put together! Just grab a blonde wig, black sunglasses, and an outfit that makes you feel like you can take on the world, and you’re good to go.

The Salt Bae meme

We’re in the age where a simple meme can grab the world’s attention just as much, if not more than, a blockbuster hit. In 2017, the salt bae meme permeated all of pop culture, so why not invite it into your Halloween plans, as well.

An Academic Spider-man

spider-man homecoming, decathlon

If Spider-man: Homecoming gave us anything, it’s a new variation of the Spider-man costume to rock this Halloween. Different versions of the web slinger have been spotted all over Halloween for years, but this year, throw a yellow decathlon jacket over your unitard for a more modern Spidey look.

For a couples/group costume, grab a few more jackets and add MJ and Ned to your squad.

The Snapchat hotdog

snapchat hotdog

Snapchat filters were a huge trend for Halloween 2016, and with new filters being rolled out all the time, this probably won’t change much in 2017. However, this year, snapchat has provided the perfect filter for you to wear while dancing the night away. Cook up a snapchat hotdog costume, and you’ll be the envy of any dance floor.

You and your partner-in-crime

Whether you’re going out with your significant other or your bestie, make sure everyone knows who your bae is with these perfect costumes for pairs.

Betty and Veronica

Thanks to Riverdale the familiar characters of Archie comics are back at the top of pop culture. Betty and Veronica have always been iconic, and the show has only added more amazing outfits to their repertoire.

Rep the Riverdale cheerleading uniforms, or simply identify yourselves with Veronica’s signature pearls and Betty’s classic cardigan and ponytail. This duo has enough looks to suit anyone’s style.

Rick and Morty

rick and morty

Rick and Morty is now in its third season, but it seems to only get more popular by the day, so 2017 is the perfect time to dress up as this unusual duo. Since Morty’s look is pretty casual, it’s key to nail Rick’s costume for this pair to work. Once people see that blue hair and lab coat, there’ll be no doubts about who’s walking into the party.

Jon Snow and Daenerys Targaryen

Game of Thrones has been providing awesome pop culture Halloween costume ideas for years, and now that Jon and Dany have finally met, 2017 is the perfect year to go as this pair of cousins/lovers/competitors…

Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip

The Crown

Thanks to Netflix’s The Crown, the royal family has never been cooler. You’ll look oh-so-sophisticated as the regal Queen Elizabeth II and the dapper Prince Philip.

If you fancy a naughtier costume from The Crown, you could always switch things up and go as Princess Margaret and Captain Peter Townsend instead!

You and your squad

If your #squadgoals are on fleek (that’s still a cool sentence, right?) this Halloween, choose one of these group costumes, all inspired by the biggest pop culture moments of 2017.

Look what Taylor Swift made you do

look what you made me do

Sure, the old Taylor is dead, but that definitely doesn’t mean you can’t dress up as your favorite one, this Halloween. Especially if you choose to be the Zombie version of her.

Have each of your girls (this also works great as a gender swapped costume) pick their favorite Taylor from the “Look What You Made Me Do” music video and you’ll have a Halloween that’s better than any of your wildest dreams.

Wonder Woman and the Amazons

There will definitely be no shortage of Diana Princes on Halloween this year (think Harley Quinn in 2016), but not every Diana will be flanked by a badass squad of Amazon warriors. Beware, with all of the armor required to make this costume work, it’s one of the more difficult to pull off. However, it’ll definitely be worth the effort when you see everyone’s jaws drops when your squad enters the room.

The Fantastic Beasts of ‘Fantastic Beasts’

pickett, fantastic beasts and where to find them

Newt Scamander has been a popular costume since 2016, and you’ll probably even see a few versions of Tina, Queenie and Jacob running around this Halloween. But, we’re guessing there won’t be too many groups of nifflers, demiguises, and bowtruckles out trick-or-treating.

Have each of your friends pick a favorite creature from Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them and have a magical time creating your costumes together.

Show the world your inner ‘GLOW’

Dig out your best ’80s attire and channel the Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling, this Halloween. Sexy, simple, and so fun, this will definitely be a favorite costume of Halloween 2017.

Josie and the Pussycats

Leopard print is always stylish, and this year, you can use it for yet another Riverdale inspired costume. Josie and the Pussycats are the highlight of every party in the fictional town, so it only makes sense that you’ll be the stars of Halloween with this costume.

Which pop culture inspired Halloween costume will you be wearing for Halloween 2017?

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