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’13 Reasons Why’: You can’t make me believe Zach and Alex are just bros

They're lovers, there's no other explanation.

A lot of new relationships were uncovered in 13 Reasons Why season 2. Hannah and Zach apparently dated, Clay and Justin are broing it up, and Tony got a new boyfriend, just to name a few. But none stood out as strongly as Zach and Alex.

Maybe Alex and Zach are just a bromance. It could be that these two young dudes are just very comfortable with themselves and each other, and are the rare male breed who aren’t afraid to show tenderness to another bro. Men should be comfortable being kind to each other, and we should teach our men that being “soft” isn’t something to be ashamed of.

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But what if they aren’t just bros? What if the toxic masculinity of Liberty High has made these two young men afraid to admit that they are genuinely in love? If you can’t agree, take a look at the facts.

Dirty dancing

Before attending the school dance, Alex is apprehensive about dancing with Jessica, given how half his body barely works. In swoops Zach to stop Alex from having a pity party. Zach proceeds to stand Alex up, hold him like the beautiful flower he is, and teach him how to dance.

Okay, their dancing isn’t actually dirty, but it’s super delicate and innocent, which makes it that much more cute!

Pool party

Couples are always looking for fun, romantic activities to do together, activities that require closeness and physical contact. What’s more romantic or physically close than teaching your boyfriend to swim? Something that involves a bed, but I digress.

Zach uses his spare time to help Alex with his physical therapy, and train him in the pool. Guys, you’re wet and half naked, you’re almost there!

Bag boy

All good boyfriends carry your bag. Sure, it’s an old-fashioned thing, but it’s gentlemanly nonetheless. Zach is a good boyfriend, therefore Zach will carry his handicapped boyfriend’s bag.

Let’s be real. Zach would probably carry his whole boyfriend, bag and body, if Alex allowed it.

Only me

Jealousy is an easy indicator of a crush, and poor Zach is crushing hard. He can’t even register the obvious lie Alex tells of someone else helping him with physical therapy. Zach’s feathers are ruffled at the mere idea that he could be replaced by someone.

Don’t worry, Zach. Alex only wants your help. You’re not so easily replaced.

Handy jokes

We can count at least one instance where Alex and Zach joke about giving each other hand jobs. Given how easily this joke fell between the two of them, we can guess it isn’t the first time.

Yeah yeah, okay, guys make sexual jokes all the time. Just let me reach with this one.

Birthday boy

I don’t know about you, but boys in my high school definitely didn’t decorate each other’s lockers or the hallway for their birthdays. Seriously, the effort to get that banner, and then put it up that high is so much more than most of us would do for even our best friend.

True, Zach wasn’t acting alone, but he helped. It’s enough.

Lunch buddies

Despite Zach being a leading member of the jocks, he chooses to eat lunch with Alex. Even Alex is surprised by his welcomed, albeit uninvited, guest. Chloe doesn’t even eat with her friends; she eats with her boyfriend and his friends. Zach can’t get enough of his boyfriend. He just has to be with him at all times.

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Locker room boner

There’s no point in mincing words here: just call it like it is. Alex got a boner for the first time since the incident after having rough physical contact with Zach. Is there really any other way to look at this other than gay?

Of course it’s possible the show is trying to portray realistic, awkward situations guys go through, like popping a boner at inconvenient times. Likewise, Tyler prematurely ejaculating isn’t uncommon, if unspoken. But it’s no fun to think of this as just an incoveniently timed situation. No, it’s actually foreshadowing to a Zach and Alex romance. One day we’ll look back at this moment fondly, as our first indication of their attraction.

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