5:30 pm EDT, August 30, 2012

‘Harry Potter’: 10 moments of unbelievable dedication to the fandom

Every fandom has its fair share of unique moments and interesting stories. Today we’ll be diving into the top 10 moments that make you proud, and at times embarrassed, to be a fellow Potterhead.

‘Harry Potter’ Tattoos

We’ve all probably considered getting our favorite fandom permanently inked onto our skin, but most of us usually decide not to. Little do you know that there’s an entire tumblog dedicated to fans who’ve committed to the fandom by way of skin and ink. Take a look at the crazy designs fans are getting inked into their skins!

The delay of ‘Harry Potter’ has ruined my life

Remember when Warner Bros. committed fan-sin and delayed the release of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince? This Facebook group did, and they went so far as to say it ruined their entire lives. They thought Warner Bros. was torturing them with the wait time, but clearly this is before they saw the price of the ultimate box set. We imagine their reaction to the delay to be similar to the girl above.

Adoption offer for Tom Felton

One thing we could all probably admit to is wanting the cast of Harry Potter to be a part of our family, whether that’s through marriage or adoption. This fan was so serious about the offer he legally changed his name to Lucius, and his house is called Malfoy Manor. Take a look at the video as Tom explains his situation.

Harry Potter himself!

This guy calls himself Harry Potter, but we’re not fooled! Definitely one of the biggest Potter fans, he has three entire rooms filled with Potter memorabilia, as well as a wardrobe that can consist of entirely Potter clothes for three whole months. Is this the real Harry Potter? Judge for yourself in his homemade YouTube video.

#1 ‘Potter’ Fan

If you thought that the “real Harry Potter” must be the world’s biggest Potter fan, you haven’t seen this yet. Kana won a Japanese contest to meet the cast of Harry Potter, and her reaction to the Sorting Hat alone proves her pudding as the number one Harry Potter fan.

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