Posted on 3:00 pm,
July 8, 2014

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Natalie and Karen are joined by Hypable’s Danielle Zimmerman to discuss Teen Wolf season 4 episode 3, “Muted.”

Featured Song: “Dibby Dibby Sound” by DJ Fresh VS Jay Fay

– We introduce our first guest host for season 4 – Danielle!
– You may remember her from such podcast experiences as Indy PopCon.
– This week, on Teen Wolf, lacrosse is really, really back. In a big way. It’s so back.
– Natalie’s got a pretty important new crossover ship that she needs some help with.
– What’s gonna happen to Sean’s blood-covered cat? We have an idea.
– Just get a freaking job, Peter.
– We return to a semblance of normalcy at Beacon Hills High School.
– We meet new characters Garrett and Liam – what do we think of them so far?
– We know how important Liam is to Scott – we theorize about how that’s gonna go down in future episodes.
– We also meet Liam’s lovely step-dad! Will he find out about the supernatural?
– Was the muted man feeding himself through a neck tube? Downloading information? What? Ew.
– “So… back to lacrosse.”
– Kira and lacrosse – we discuss the real-life scenarios of mixed boys and girls sports teams. It’s feasible!
– We still love the Yukimura family home life – don’t move away!
– We explain the whole Braeden putting on her clothes thing. No, she and Derek didn’t hook up… yet.
– Why is Derek so hung up about the eye thing? Isn’t it a good thing?
– Will we ever hear current-Derek talk about Paige or his past?
– Kira and Scott sort themselves out and do some kissing: yay or nay?
– NEW SHIP ALERT – Lydia/Parrish TRU LUV 4EVA.
– The couple that discovers murder basements together, stays together.
– The screaming faces in the wood grain return. What even is this?
– Malia and Stiles – we’re starting to see how they fit. It was always going to be a hard sell, but it’s working nicely so far.
– Lydia thinks she’s writing math notes but she’s actually writing mute code.
– Will her distorted reality ever become (more) dangerous?
– So, Sean eats people.
– We talk about our different encounters with wendigo mythology and what the appearance of one in Teen Wolf means for the range of creatures on the show.
– We don’t quite hate the muted man? He might not be a villain, exactly.
– The wendigo plays a big part in the end result of Scott biting Liam at the hospital. What did we think of the moment of turning?
– We think the mute is working off a supernatural hit list – if so, why did he kill Sean and leave Scott?
– We read out a fantastic letter from a listener of ours who’s a teacher, addressing the sad reality of unsocialized children in school. Malia’s situation is awful, but more realistic than you’d think.
– Next week’s episode, we meet The Benefactor. So far we’re all agreed on one thing: he has nice shoes.
Brook prepared an great article on how TV ratings work and how they affect Teen Wolf.
– We turn the reins of non sequitur over to Danielle this week!

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This episode's hosts: Natalie and Karen, with special guest Danielle

  • Sdoodledeedoo

    Please give me shots of Parish screaming like Dean did in that Supernatural episode. I FEEL THIS NEED FOR REAL KAREN. THANKS!
    I think this was my favorite episode of the series as a whole tbh, and definitely my favorite of the season so far!
    Also, let’s talk about the fact that Malia straight up growled at Stiles in class. She was like, don’t give me that thumbs up…my teachers are straight up picking on me right now! THIS AIN’T EVEN A LITTLE BIG OKAY BOO.
    Also, I LOVED hearing that letter from an actual teacher about the reality of Malia’s school situation. It’s so sad to know that this really happens, and REALLY refreshing to understand HOW she might have ended up in this situation.
    Also, Malia still doesn’t seem to enjoy brushing her hair and I STILL LOVE THAT.
    This turned in to mostly Malia (I love Malia. I think she brings such a fresh new dynamic to the show and I think Shelley Hennig is playing her amazingly), but really I LOVED EVERYTHING ABOUT THIS EPISODE.
    Scott and Stiles, I will always put 10 bucks on Scott and Stiles. ALWAYS.
    Another great episode ladies! THANK YOU! I always look forward to getting to listen to your thoughts.

  • House of Black

    I love your podcast, but this time, you should have edited out some of the many Hannibal references and spent more time analyzing the episode. I was hoping for more time spent on the wendigo family, etc.

  • House of Black

    In my rewatch, I just realized that Kira’s mom is unpacking gold bars while they talk about selling the house!! Gold Bars!! WTF???

  • Ashley

    I found it interesting that Scott was on a pact to not use any wolf powers during lacrosse. I don’t think that was the case in s1 & s2? I wonder what ideals Kira and Liam will have while playing. Liam has already shown himself to be a great lacrosse player, but with wolf powers? I can see them running into the control issues that Scott use to have. With Kira, do you think it’s technically “cheating” since she’s using her Kitsune reflexes?

  • Aryanna

    Finally just got to listening to this. I have to say i loved the episode and them bringing lacrosse back. So many great Scott/Stiles scene when it comes to lacrosse and it just makes me so happy. I do agree with what you guys said about Liam and his cockiness but i actually thought Garrett was more cocky than Liam was and i also feel like he’s a sophomore. I loved all the couple shippy moments in the episode from Parrish and Lydia to Draeden to Scira to Stalia, i just loved it. I also loved having the humor back and not just the funny lines but the physical with Stiles running was just hilarious. But i also loved that we still have gore and the creepy scare elements along with the humor which is why i love Teen Wolf it balances it nicely.

    Now onto the Malia stuff. I was never good at math and i never will be. But in my HS in MN we had different levels of math classes. Like i was in the lower level classes. In 9th grade most would take Algebra (unless you took advanced math classes then it would be geometry) i was in the easier class where they would take it slower. Then they had another more normal speed class for people who grasped it better. Math classes would be so mixed i would be in class with some people in the grade above me for some reason and then for the advanced math students they would have class with people a grade above them. But here i think they do see how you handle the classes in jr high and then decide where you stand. Malia didn’t have that since she skipped all that. I know i failed a semester of geometry and had to retake it at this assisted learning center so i wouldn’t fall behind. I wonder if Beacon Hills has something like that? But yeah i just wanted to tell that story.

    Anyways i am very interested and excited to see how this stuff with Liam goes. And how him and Malia handle the full moon. I’ve really missed seeing the full moon and control struggles like we had in s1. So it will be nice to have that again.

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