Posted on 12:02 am,
March 1, 2014

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Glee Chat is back into the swing of things after an especially long hiatus with a recap of Glee season 5, episode 9 “Frenemies.”


-Mitch is hosting for this episode! Natalie has a fat and lazy fox, Jack is at Uni, and guest host Kyle has moved down to SoCal! Wow!
-And we talk more about Disney.
-Was it necessary for Santana to apologize to Rachel?
-Did Glee‘s lampshading with Sue land, or…
-Santana and Rachel’s duets in this episode were Smash-like. And friggen fabulous.
-Tina’s tactic is to be a bitch, and she isn’t going to get anywhere acting the way she does.
-Tina wins nothing. Other than prom queen, but she hasn’t deserved anything with her attitude recently.
-We should do a whole Glee Chat episode about abandoned storylines.
-The Kurt Solo Project Band needs to have a direction.
-“All right guys… IT’S TIME FOR A BREAK DOWN.”
-Kurt has a moment of schizophrenia. All right then.
-Natalie makes a great point about realism in drama and supernatural shows.
-Santana’s “Don’t Rain on My Parade” was awesome, but not exactly appropriate for that kind of audition.
-We talk about Santana’s short dress and what it meant for how she wanted to look for that audition.
-Elliot could have been singing “I Believe in a Thing Called Love” to Kurt, if you want to read into it that way…
-Mitch ATTEMPTS to form a formal debate about the Santana/Rachel fight.
-Kyle takes Santana’s side, while Natalie sees some of Kyle’s points.
-HOWEVER. Natatlie makes an apple metaphor that Jack emphasizes.
-The speech storyline was just. No.
-Natalie reveals a disturbing background behind “I’ll Be Watching You.”
-So Rachel is homeless now. Maybe. Anyways.
-Jack is a savant of all things Glee and Beyoncé.
-There’s more Klaine trouble a-brewin!
-Is the pop music machine worth finding good artists out of?
-News covers 100th episode business, the NYC time split, Lea’s upcoming album, and behind the scene pictures of Kurt involved in a gay bashing storyline.

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This episode's hosts: Mitchel Clow, Natalie Fisher, Jack Farrugia, and guest Tariq Kyle

  • John Thrasher

    I can’t wait to listen as a fan!!

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  • Marie

    I’m totally team Santana. Which I know sounds weird. I might be largely blinded by my Santana love (she is my favorite character, way more than Rachel if I’m being real), but I do think Santana really, deeply loves Rachel and Kurt, and I don’t think she was trying to be as back-stabby as people seem to think. I think she sucks at showing that she cares.

    I guess my thing is, Santana is going for UNDERSTUDY. We don’t have any evidence that she’s actually trying to steal the role from Rachel. She’s not actually stealing her dream from her. We haven’t seen her trying to poison Rachel or break her legs or whatever. I’m sure she’d love the opportunity to perform, but honestly, we’ve never seen her be “professionally” competitive with Rachel. It was Mercedes who went out for Maria in West Side Story, and Santana didn’t do more than occasionally complain when Rachel got solos. I’m not saying she’s never hurt Rachel, or intended to hurt Rachel, but I think after she came out, it was more just her sucking at talking to people appropriately, which is still a problem of hers.

    Someone actually pointed out the staging of Brave v. Every Breath You Take on Tumblr, and it was basically saying that Santana envisioned herself and Rachel side-by-side, whereas Every Breath You Take was consistently one person in front of the other. I think Santana doesn’t like the power imbalance, and she’s trying to get back to being at Rachel’s level. I think, at least initially, it’s Rachel, whether consciously or unconsciously, who really has the need to be better than Santana. I think Santana gets there when they’re fighting in the loft, and I think they both say things that are too far gone.

    I suppose the things that probably really determine whose side your on is really just about what you’re like as a person, and things you value. I’ve grown to like Rachel as time as gone on, but I hated her for years because her immediate instinct to value stardom over others is something I have a hard time relating to, and it also keeps the other female characters from shining like I believed they could. I think Santana does actually value people at least equally, but she is just appalling bad at showing it, and purposefully keeps people at a distance because she does feel things so intensely and has a huge difficulty handling rejection (while also seeing some things that aren’t actually rejection as such, like when she got all jealous over Brittany and Sam).

    That was long, and I apologize. I’m sure I have my Santana-glasses on, and this episode did remind me of why Rachel made me want to hit things back in the day. It’s weird, and logically, I know that I should be rooting for the girl who was bullied throughout high school, and not the bully. I suppose I also see Rachel as having a bit of a bully past (see sending Sunshine to a crack house, the way she used to treat Tina, etc.), and not as much of a victim as people think.

    PS Natalie, yes, I’m forever disappointed they never knew how to handle the “goth” or “emo” character. It’s a clique I’ve always felt was sorely lacking, but I think it could’ve had a good story. The character would who never admit it, but they don’t just listen to Opeth and Korn or whatever, but also secretly love Katy Perry or Broadway or whatever. It would’ve been epic.

  • Marie

    Oh, on Klaine being endgame: I think it probably will be, but I’d love if Klaine wasn’t, because watching the collective meltdown would be oddly amusing, and it would be really shocking (and I don’t feel like this show has shocked me since they made Santana actually a lesbian).

  • Martrel A. Howard

    Kelly Clarkson is NOT “generic pop” and singles are usually the most ‘mainstream’ appealing songs used to grab attention and make money and they have no basis on what the sound/concept of the album is

    • Jeff Dodge

      I agree! Kelly Clarkson is not generic pop. I found it very interesting that the hosts were bashing both Kelly and pop music in general when Glee is most of the time all about pop and mainstream songs. Trying to have it both ways, I guess.

      This podcast episode was a “Let’s bash Glee, music and everything we can think of” episode, so it wasn’t that enjoyable of an episode, quite annoying actually.

  • Natalie

    Okay, With the whole Elliot serenading Kurt with I believe in a thing called love. First off I LOVE that song, and I agree with Natalie that Elliot is simply Adam Lambert. . Secondly, I do like the idea of Elliot liking Kurt, and I feel like they’re going to touch on it at some point since they made that whole deal about Blaine seeing the Kiss Cheek Picture. But it won’t be a big thing because it’s already been said that Elliot isn’t a threat, MULTIPLE times. This kinda of makes me sad because They would be so amazing, Their voices go together SO much better than Chris’ and Darren’s do TBH. And they just seem like they’d be so right for eachother. However I REALLY don’t want another Cheating/Jealousy plot line between them because it’s been done to death about it. ONLY if they did it again and it would be the end of Klaine forever (which I don’t want because OTP also it would never happen because Biggest OTP of the whole show) Would it be acceptable for a Jealousy/Cheating plot line to come into action. Granted i’m excited for the drama that has been spoiled and speculated to come for Klaine/Elliot in the future epiosdes when Blaine arrives in NY

  • Elyse

    I love the quote Natalie reads! What book is it from? I’ve been searching the internet, but I haven’t had any luck.

  • Caitlin Kelly

    Why yes, I always have plenty to say about Blaine. Thanks for the shoutout, Mitch ;)

    But in defense of Tina, her arc is paralleling Kurt’s in a lot of significant ways. She struggles to be seen and get the attention she feels she deserves, her college plans are up in the air and she *needs* the valedictorian position the way Kurt needed class president, she falls for an unreceptive Blaine, she’s voted prom queen as a cruel joke, and hell, they both have tattoos they’ve had to have altered. The list goes on and on, and I just can’t help but get twitchy at nastiness directed her way when Kurt was defended for going through a very similarly plotted arc.

    And re: Santana/Rachel, one other thing that occurs to me is that Rachel is still grieving for Finn and is throwing herself into Funny Girl to cope. Santana is bringing a lot of old baggage into somewhere that was supposed to be a safe space for her.

  • Shaun

    I usually love listening to Glee chat , however the most recent ep was so difficult to keep listening to due to Natalie. She just interrupts all the other hosts and goes off on annoying rants. Please Natalie make your point and then move on. If I was one of the other hosts It would drive me crazy with you jumping in with the same point and talking over everyone. Its GleeChat not NatalieChat…

    All the others I loved listening to as usual though :)

  • Grant

    Please stop yelling and interrupting each other :[

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