Glee Chat Podcast

Episode #72 – Magical Princess

Hosted by Mitchel Clow, Natalie Fisher, Jack Farrugia, and guest Tariq Kyle

March 1, 2014

Glee Chat is back into the swing of things after an especially long hiatus with a recap of Glee season 5, episode 9 “Frenemies.”


-Mitch is hosting for this episode! Natalie has a fat and lazy fox, Jack is at Uni, and guest host Kyle has moved down to SoCal! Wow!
-And we talk more about Disney.
-Was it necessary for Santana to apologize to Rachel?
-Did Glee‘s lampshading with Sue land, or…
-Santana and Rachel’s duets in this episode were Smash-like. And friggen fabulous.
-Tina’s tactic is to be a bitch, and she isn’t going to get anywhere acting the way she does.
-Tina wins nothing. Other than prom queen, but she hasn’t deserved anything with her attitude recently.
-We should do a whole Glee Chat episode about abandoned storylines.
-The Kurt Solo Project Band needs to have a direction.
-“All right guys… IT’S TIME FOR A BREAK DOWN.”
-Kurt has a moment of schizophrenia. All right then.
-Natalie makes a great point about realism in drama and supernatural shows.
-Santana’s “Don’t Rain on My Parade” was awesome, but not exactly appropriate for that kind of audition.
-We talk about Santana’s short dress and what it meant for how she wanted to look for that audition.
-Elliot could have been singing “I Believe in a Thing Called Love” to Kurt, if you want to read into it that way…
-Mitch ATTEMPTS to form a formal debate about the Santana/Rachel fight.
-Kyle takes Santana’s side, while Natalie sees some of Kyle’s points.
-HOWEVER. Natatlie makes an apple metaphor that Jack emphasizes.
-The speech storyline was just. No.
-Natalie reveals a disturbing background behind “I’ll Be Watching You.”
-So Rachel is homeless now. Maybe. Anyways.
-Jack is a savant of all things Glee and Beyoncé.
-There’s more Klaine trouble a-brewin!
-Is the pop music machine worth finding good artists out of?
-News covers 100th episode business, the NYC time split, Lea’s upcoming album, and behind the scene pictures of Kurt involved in a gay bashing storyline.

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