Glee Chat Podcast

Episode #69 – Allergic to Twerk

Hosted by John Thrasher, Natalie Fisher, and Mitchel Clow

November 18, 2013

John’s allergic to the twerk dance move in the Glee Chat recap of Glee season 5, episode 5 “The End of Twerk.”

-We update what’s up with Roxanne and Jack.
-A Hypa-house???
-John meets a Fall Out Boy member and sees mama monster Gaga.
-Why was “The End of Twerk” so hated? Natalie elaborates.
-How was Rachel’s rehearsal song for Funny Girl?
-Kurt and Rachel are taking risks and it’s fun! But destructive.
-Mitch missed out on the twerking of the opening scene.
-Sue’s corner had a ridiculous amount of continuity.
-Will’s “Blurred Lines”? Um…
-Natalie notices that John looks a LOT like a certain celebrity.


-We give tattoo tips. And woah, Chris’s shirtless body was sculpture-like.
-It was about time that Unique got another emotional feature song.
-The period dance examples were actually really well put together.
-Miley’s career choices are a topic of discussion as we talk about the repercussions of the VMAs.
-Marley’s “Wrecking Ball” was either brilliant or ridiculous.
-We play the worst version of Miley’s “Wrecking Ball” that you’ve ever heard.

-Why didn’t Will bring Unique to use the faculty bathroom from the beginning?
-Mitch doesn’t know who Bette Midler is.
-Natalie has some wonderfully symbolic fandom tattoos.
-“On Our Way” was a unique song choice from an unknown band called The Royal Concept.
-Becky’s personality had taken a turn for the ugly as of late, and we don’t appreciate it.
-News includes a story of Darren sending out signed post cards to those who donate to the Philippine Typhoon relief.
-So there is going to be a Christmas episode?

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