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Episode #70 – I Know What the Fox Says

Hosted by John Thrasher, Natalie Fisher, Caitlin Kelly, and Mitchel Clow

December 4, 2013

Glee Chat is back for a double recap for season 2, episode 6 “Movin’ Out” and episode 7 “Puppet Master.”

-Caitlin from ReWatchable joins us for this double episode recap!
-We discuss The Hunger Games: Mockingjay movie split. Naturally.
-Congrats to Grant Gustin on his CW pilot!
-Aaaand then back to The Hunger Games.
-All Natalie knows about Black Friday is that people get good sales and kill each other.

Glee season 2, episode 6 “Movin’ Out.”

-Carmen’s had a tough year, apparently, and couldn’t make it to Lima for Blaine’s audition.
-Jake predictably tried to win Marley’s hand.
-Was Blaine’s “Piano Man” meant to show that he wasn’t going to get into NYADA?
-Are they trying to get Ryder and Marley together because of the real-life chemistry and relationship their actors have?
-Sam bombed his interview for the modeling industry horribly.
-Wait. They still don’t have the numbers for Nationals? Lawl.
-Chord’s abs have progressively gotten sexier as the show’s gone on.
-Sam/Rachel. We could go with that.
-Ryder’s song gave us the motts (according to Natalie).
-Kurt’s reaction to Blaine’s reluctance to apply to NYADA creates an interesting divergence between Caitlin and Natalie.
-Is there a reason Becky treats people so horribly?
-Tyra Banks’ guest starring was a thing? Her character’s demands are the complete opposite of how she acts in real life.
-Klaine is becoming less and less believable as we see the actors’ true feelings coming through in their performances.
-Will’s power is dwindling, as is evident from his performance of “You May Be Right.”

Glee season 2, episode 7 “Puppet Master”

-Blaine’s assumption of power is diluted.
-Demi just didn’t show up for Kurt’s meeting? “Into the Groove” gave Adam Lambert a good feature.
-Kurt manipulation came out of the woodwork when he gave Blaine advice on the phone.
-So Sue was perceived as a gay man? That was a unique way for Glee to deal with a gay character.
-The Sue/Becky ice-cream conversation had some good material.
-Poor Brad. Blaine had zero interest in his issues.
-Natalie has a theory about why they’re talking about Nationals so early.
-Puppets? Puppets. We’ll take it!
-Jake’s mashup was more awesome than we could handle.
-Where’s the Avenue Q???
-“Cheek to Cheek” was classic and wonderful.
-Will’s definitely money laundering. Or had a sugar daddy. Or both.
-An abortion storyline finally happens on Glee.
-The Kurt puppet came to life?
-Was the gas meant to be what always makes the Glee Club hallucinate?
-Blaine’s cheating is brought back up again with his conversation with the Kurt puppet.
-Why was Unique so willing to give Sue a makeover after the bathroom fiasco?
-Should Marley forgive Jake after that bleeding heart apology?
-I’m dreaming of a white cronut.
-“What Does the Fox Say?” We’d rather not know.

Glee‘s moving to Tuesdays, Amber Riley won Dancing with the Stars, and Glee is doing a special remix episode for their 100th.

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