Following the Scream Halloween Special announcement, MTV has decided to renew the horror series for another season.

Scream season 2 provided us with a lot of answers about the Lakewood murders and finally revealed Piper’s partner in crime. But even as Kieran was hauled off to jail, we had a ton of unanswered questions left to niggle at our minds.

Luckily, we knew we’d be getting the Halloween Special to help tie up loose ends, especially after it was revealed that Brandon James was alive and well — and back in Lakewood.

But whether or not there’d be a season 3 was perhaps the biggest unanswered question of all. Ratings have been declining since the series’ initial run, despite a fairly solid story and a myriad of classic horror callbacks.

As of Friday morning, however, that question has been answered. According to a press release from MTV, Scream will be returning for season 3.

The catch is that season 3 will be shortened from the standard 10 episodes to just six. Though the release made no mention about whether or not this would be the final season for the series, the hesitance to renew and the decision to produce fewer episodes does make it sound like that’s a possibility.

The press release doesn’t provide any information on casting, locations, or a production start date, but it does make mention that MTV is looking for new showrunners for season 3.

This shouldn’t come as a big surprise, as Scream also switched up showrunners between seasons 1 and 2, from Jill Blotevogel to Michael Gans and Richard Register.

Perhaps the season 3 showrunners can bring something different to the table while, hopefully, still maintaining the tone of the show we’ve all come to enjoy.

Meanwhile, MTV has been busy working on some new projects, having finally released an official trailer for Sweet/Vicious and announcing development on a War of the Worlds television show, executive produced by Teen Wolf’s creator Jeff Davis.

The ‘Scream’ Halloween Special airs Tuesday, October 18 from 9-11 p.m. ET

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