After that season two finale, we have a lot of questions that we need answered in the Scream Halloween special.

Sure, we found out the identity of Parker’s accomplice (which we really should’ve seen coming but HOLY COW), but that didn’t clear everything up as much as we would’ve liked it to. Because Scream season 3 wasn’t announced at San Diego Comic-Con this year, we went into the finale expecting most things to be wrapped up with a neat little (blood-soaked) bow. But no. They had to go ahead and leave a ton of loose ends and promise us a Halloween special instead!

Now, there’s no guarantee that we’re going to get even half of the answers that we crave from the Scream Halloween special. That’s just the way it is. But, that being said, we really do need these questions answered. They’re literally keeping us awake at night. Fingers crossed we get some resolution!

Dear ‘Scream’ Halloween special,

  1. Is Brandon James actually still alive?
  2. If Brandon James is alive, has he turned violent or has he always been violent? Or is he not violent at all?
  3. Will the next killer be going after Emma or killing on her behalf?
  4. What’s the full significance of the pig references in Scream season two?
  5. Have we ever unknowingly witnessed Emma suffer a psychotic break (or will we in the future)?
  6. Did the accomplice (Kieran) have an accomplice like Noah predicted?
  7. Does the Scream Halloween special have any sneaky character turns up its sleeve?
  8. Is Kieran actually tech-savvy enough to hack computers and all that jazz?
  9. Scream Halloween special Kieran

  10. What exactly were Kieran’s aunt and cousin doing?
  11. Was Kieran the one who murdered his dad?
  12. Was Piper the creative brains behind the murders and Kieran just the brawn?
  13. What does this new Ghostface want with Kieran?
  14. Who was the first murderer?
  15. Where is Brandon James’ brother, Troy?
  16. Since we never saw his death confirmed, is Eli still alive?
  17. So maybe Eli wasn’t Ghostface, but was he still potentially dangerous?
  18. Is Stavo 100% in the clear? Can we actually trust him?
  19. Since Brooke is too young to live by herself, will she have to move in with a relative?
  20. How did Stavo get his hands on a Brandon James mask?
  21. Why does Stavo have a Brandon James mask?
  22. Scream Halloween special Stavo

  23. If the murders start up again, will anyone actually finally seriously consider leaving Lakewood?
  24. What was Zoë’s secret and will it come back to haunt the survivors in some way?
  25. Are Audrey and Emma taking things to the next level?
  26. Will Noah ever have a crush on a girl that doesn’t turn deadly?
  27. Did Haley Meyers think she was dating Kieran on the DL (and that’s why she was so smug when Emma asked who her “special friend” was)?
  28. Should we be worried about Aaron (Haley’s [presumably] ex-boyfriend)?
  29. Even though it’s the Scream Halloween special, will the characters be smart enough to not go into a haunted house or fun house alone?
  30. Will there be more flashbacks with my fellow high school classmate playing the young sheriff?
  31. Is the Scream Halloween special going to wrap things up nicely or just leave us with more loose threads?
  32. Will Scream get a third season?
  33. Will the lack of fancy shampoo in prison make Kieran’s hair less luscious?


What burning questions do you need the ‘Scream’ Halloween special to answer?

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