Doctor Who showrunner has denied plans for a rebooted movie franchise, branding David Yates’ proposal “silly.”

Harry Potter director ignited a lot of controversy last November when he revealed plans to reboot Doctor Who as a movie franchise with no story or production ties to the long-running television series. Since then, Yates and Moffat have been continuously contradicting eachother – and fans have been confused as to whether the film is on or off. But finally it looks like The Moff has put the production to bed. Speaking to Airlock Alpha at last week’s Comic-Con, the writer said “there will not come a time where there is a separate Doctor… everyone knows that’s silly, the BBC knows that’s silly. No one’s going to do that.”

Joined by producer Caroline Skinner, the showrunner also discussed his approach to planning the 50th Anniversary, and how filming in New York came about.

Are you disappointed we won’t be seeing a Yates-helmed blockbuster, or is the Whoniverse better off without it?

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