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The official Supernatural Facebook page has released new promo posters featuring the Winchesters, Castiel, and Crowley.

In continuing with the promotional barrage in the weeks leading up to the Supernatural season 9 premiere, we now have gorgeous new posters featuring our four main characters. See them below.

Supernatural season 9 Dean poster

Supernatural season 9 Sam poster

Supernatural season 9 Castiel poster

Supernatural season 9 Crowley poster

The official Supernatural Facebook page gives these posters the caption, “Get ready for a whole new hunt.”

These are the latest in a string of new promotional posters for season 9. We also have an official season 9 poster featuring all four characters with the tagline, “Prepare for the fall.”

We also have seen a number of behind-the-scenes promo shots of Jared Padalecki, Jensen Ackles, Misha Collin, and Mark Sheppard.

The Supernatural Facebook page has also released videos promoting the show’s move to Tuesday nights. First, Padalecki and Ackles reflected on their characters while Sheppard joined them in character. And second, Collins and Sheppard also promoted the move, both in character.

Padalecki also teased season 9 in a video, calling it the “best season in a long, long, long time.” He added that the season will have “a lot of cool new characters, some great old throwback characters, and just a really great, strong storyline.”

Supernatural season 9 premieres Tuesday, October 8 at 9:00 p.m. ET on The CW.

What do you think of the new ‘Supernatural’ posters?

  • 7Starrchasers

    I cant wait for the new season!

  • http://xtulika.tumblr.com/ Tulika

    Holy shit, these look amazing !

  • JP

    I like the red and blue lighting that all of the photos have. Was speculating that maybe it has to do with red being considered an evil color while blue is a more somber, “good” color. Maybe I’m right or just coming up with stuff because I want the show to start asap.

  • Jean Thorne


  • anon

    on another article, they talked about how blue/red could represent good/bad. how sam’s in between, leaning towards the red, and could have to chose between good and evil again this season. crowley, the night of hell, is bathed in red but has a spark of blue. this is probably the result of the incompletion of the trials.

    on a show like supernatural, they definitely pay attention to all the details, especially in promotion posters. this theory’s probably correct imo. and if it is, it really does give us an idea of what to expect towards our beloved characters personalities.

    • http://wizforum.proboards.com/ Melissa West

      That would be really neat if it’s true. I mean if you look at Dean and Cas they are both mainly blue with a small bit of red.

    • Steven

      That is what I thought. But there is also the chains in dean and Crowley’s cages. I can’t figure out what those mean. Maybe a way to climb out of there respective alignments?

      • Rachel Dennis

        I’m thinking the chains might be representative of them being chained down to something (Dean with sick Sam, Crowley with the cure).

  • http://www.trishtech.com/ Trisha P.

    Why are they all sitting inside a cage ?

  • Cassie

    Well they always talked about “Lucifers cage” so maybe that’s what they’re in.

  • WildflowersInBloom

    who the hell still watches this crap? i cannot believe this garbage is still on. i thought it got cancelled years ago.

    • korn

      Idiot jog on fool, god help you when Crowley gets you.

  • Martrel A. Howard

    the red and blue is giving me representations of heaven and hell…dean is above hell a servant of heaven, sam can be influenced and pulled either way, cas is a servant of heaven so hell cant over take him and evil dude is basking in hells firey glow…i like the color concept

  • Selina Bradley

    My heart belongs to Jensen, but Crowley is such a badass!

  • Carter Francis

    One of the best show I have ever watched. Down loose the Impala it makes thebest props.

  • Carter Francis

    Bring back Bobby Singer THE ORIGINAL NOT A IMPOSTER

  • anij

    does anyone get that they’re in a cage? A cage? THE CAGE?!

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