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Lady Gaga and Katy Perry are both releasing new studio albums this fall, and Glee season 5 is capitalizing on it by doing an episode that focuses on the rivalry between each artist’s fans.

Glee season 5, episode 4 is titled “A Katy or A Gaga” and will also feature the introduction of pop star Adam Lambert’s new character who we told you about last month.

So far there are four songs set for this sure to be interesting episode. They are:

- Katy Perry’s “Roar” sung by Unique, Jake, Sam, Marley, Tina, Artie, Ryder, Kitty, Blaine, Kurt, Rachel, Santana, Dani (Demi Lovato) and Starchild (Adam Lambert).

- Lady Gaga’s “Applause” sung by Sam, Marley, Artie, Blaine & Ryder

- Katy Perry’s “Wide Awake” sung by Tina, Unique, Jake and Kitty

- Lady Gaga’s “Marry The Night” sung by Starchild (Lambert)

Fans of both major pop ladies have been having a friendly (?) competition over the past few weeks as Gaga and Perry prepare to release ARTPOP and PRISM. So far each singer has released one single, though Gaga performed several of her new songs live at the iTunes Festival on September 1 and Perry dropped a second song titled “Dark Horse” earlier this week.

This episode of Glee will be the first one after their Cory Monteith/Finn Hudson tribute episode titled “The Quarterback” and scheduled to air on October 10. Cast members have indicated that they would be taking a break after filming Cory’s episode, so it’s not clear when episode 4 will be airing.

Glee season 5 premieres this Thursday, September 26 on Fox.

Thanks to Gleek Out Brazil for the info.

  • Isak

    I think that, based on the (very tacky) topic of the episode and the songs sung, it is fairly logical to assume that the death of Finn won’t really have heavy repercussions on the tone or of the plot of season 5. And this not only would SUCK, but it wouldn’t confirm the already widely-demonstrated superficiality/incoherency of the writing staff.
    Rachel singing Roar? Isn’t it kind of jumping the shark for her to sing that song ONE EPISODE after her boyfriend dies?
    To be honest, if this episode will be as silly as its premise, then I will be deeply offended by it, considering it will be the first episode to air after the third.

    • Rod

      You haven’t even seen the tribute episode! For all we know they will make a flash forward at the end of it or something, you are fussing about something that you haven’t even seen. Not every show is Buffy. If you want Buffy then go watch Buffy. Glee is Glee if you don’t like it then don’t watch. Nobody’s forcing you anyway.

      • Isak

        It’s obvious that all of this is speculation based on stuff we know.
        Buffy is just an example, forgive me for expecting a high quality standard from the stuff I watch. Glee has gotten undeniably worse over the years, and since I’ve been watching since the pilot has aired I feel perfectly justified to express a critique. It’s rather silly to say “Glee is Glee”. Glee could and should be better, the fact that it isn’t and doesn’t even seem interested in making steps in that direction makes me angry, and I think that, as a fan, this is a better reaction then just watching blindly and accepting whatever is thrown at me.
        Finally, a flash forward to me would be even worse. It could be tackled in many ways, but considering we now know what the 4th episode is about, it would just come off like “Oh ok, let’s just move on and act like it never happened”.

        • Rod

          Ok I forgive you for expecting a “high quality standard” from a show like Glee. The show is just a ‘fun musical show’ if you want them to grieve for the rest of the season you better go find another show because whether you like it or not this show will always be ridiculous and at least its not trying to be something it’s not. I am a fan and it helps that you just take it for what it is and stop complaining for what it’s obviously not. If you really want it to change you better go and apply as a writer and share your vision to Mr. Murphy.

          • Isak

            If Glee had always been just a “fun musical show” from the pilot, I would have agreed with your argument 100%. I really would have.
            BUT my point is that Glee in its first (and second to an extent) season was a show with a heart and a lot of depth (see examples in comments above), that married smoothlessly with the “fun musical” vibe you are talking about. So I assure you, it’s not black or white. It doesn’t have to be either “fun and songs” OR “grieving 24/7 for the next 20 episodes”. A balance CAN be found, if enough work and thought were to go into it, even though for you it’s clearly impossible since Glee is “just a ‘fun musical show’”.

  • Marie

    Ok, rant time.

    Really, Glee? Really? I get that you suck at continuity, but one of your MAIN CHARACTERS dead. I understand it’s complicated that this is because the lead actor passed away, and you probably would’ve never done this story otherwise. But if you’re going to do this, then you have to commit to it. You can not go from Finn tribute to a debate between two freakin’ pop stars. Who is really going to care? Really? NO ONE. It’s classless. It seems like you just want to get back to fun little Glee, when that is just not possible. Why not do a Buffy, or something, and give your show a darker tone? It would NOT kill the show, and it would actually make the show better if you’re going to do this tribute.

    This is why people hate your show. I understand you do this ALL the time. But the fact you’re doing it after such a big, big thing makes me sick. Man, I don’t know how I’m going to sit through that episode.

    Ok, rant over. But I am furious about this.

    • Lotte

      Thank you. I didn’t post anything because I always turn into a raging maniac, every time I post about Glee. But I totally agree with every single word!

      • Marie

        If there has ever been a time to get angry with Glee (and there’s been plenty), this is it. This is probably the worst thing they have ever done, in the history of mistakes they’ve made.

      • Marie

        If there was ever a time to be mad at Glee (and there’s been plenty) this is it. This is probably the worst thing they’ve ever done.

    • Santanaishot

      Although I really do understand your point, you can’t really expect a comedy show to talk about their actors loss 24/7. I know it’s hard to let go when none of us really did, but Glee is trying to spread hapiness through problems of our society. These actors are trying their best getting passed a HUGE loss and I don’t think they’d like to be remembered that for tthe whole season. Hopefully they’d have some sentences here and there about Finn but it would be really depressing having them talk about him forever.

      • Marie

        I don’t expect it to be 24/7 (and frankly, I wouldn’t want to watch that either). But is Glee really a comedy? I don’t think of it has a comedy. Or at least, not JUST a comedy. I think it’s in comedy and drama on netflix.

        But anyway, I think it would appropriate for us to see a little more grieving beyond the tribute. I’m not saying we need to see Rachel, Kurt, etc. crying the entire episode, but I think they need to have at least SOMETHING carry over. Ease their way back into being a comedic romp instead of just jumping into it.

        • melody

          Nobody is stopping you from grieving,if that’s what you want to do.
          Life goes on in spite of death..

          There are weeks after Finn’s memorial,before Glee comes back on the air…
          I believe the cast and writers have been very sensitive ,caring and deeply saddened by this death.. but as said before life goes on, If it didn’t we would all just fade away.

          • Isak

            But you are missing the point. What you are saying is definitely true and I commend the writers for making a plan that allowed the cast and crew to breathe in some fresh air and take a break after filming the tribute. The issue is the continuity in the show.
            It’s true that life goes on, etc etc but having an episode about Katy Perry Vs Lady Gaga after Finn’s tribute is something else entirely: it’s a complete disruption in the continuity, not to mention a violation of all the simplest basic rules of storytelling. The episode after Buffy’s mom died in “The Body”, to make a really quick example, was still focused on grieving, and her death had dire consequences on Buffy’s life and her way of thinking – which was nice, because it made the whole thing realistic, deep, meaningful.
            I’m sure that the episode won’t suddenly FORGET about what happened but the very fact that the focus is shifting right away on a topic as derivative and stupid as this one is the issue.
            It’s just not very tactful to the audience I believe. Maybe they are thinking “Let’s just try to forget it all”, which would make sense. I don’t just want to be overcritical and insult : heck, if I were Ryan Murphy or one of the staff, and I’d see how hard it is for the people working for me each day tackling this and I’d feel some sort of responsability to relieve them of it. But Glee ultimately is about telling a story. They are creating a tv show so the audience deserves the most respect and I don’t feel this is the right decision.

        • iLovePuck

          it has always been a comedy, Santana, Sue, Brittany and even Lea have been hysterical all along, its not defined as just a comedy but the show has always been funny, its not something new…

      • Marie

        PS, I like your username. Santana is definitely hot. :-P

      • Isak

        I think it’s impossible to define any tv show that is not in sitcom format STRICTLY as a comedy. People watch Glee because it’s Glee, not because it’s comedy. A show in its 5th season should not be afraid to change register and the issue to me isn’t even an issue…

        In fact many great tv shows have had the guts to do it and are now remember amongst the very best (see: BUFFY).

    • Isak

      Preach, Marie, my feelings exactly. Glee should go down the Buffy route. Make it darker but more meaningful. It could lead to a creative renaissance of sorts…gain back some credibility. But no.
      It’s almost like the very people working on the show are tired of it.
      It’s very tactless, and shows no respect for the fans. To be honest, it this episode turns out to be as horrible as we fear, I will just stop watching altogether.

    • http://drukeeble.tumblr.com/ Sasha

      I don’t think the Glee writers have the capacity to pull a Buffy. Buffy was able to flow from comedy to drama pretty smoothly. Glee’s drama is almost funny (Blaine’s dramatic Somebody I Used to Know cover with his brother stealing his toys) and the comedy falls flat. I think this show is beyond saving.

      This Katy Perry/Gaga thing is ridiculous though. Tasteless.

      • Isak

        I disagree. In fact some of the most memorable episodes of Glee for me are the ones with a lot of drama. Grilled cheesus, the one with the Defying Gravity sing-off… I’m not saying drop comedy altogether.
        It’s not like something is EITHER comedy OR drama. Buffy itself even in its darkest seasons had a lot of great comedy. I’m just saying shift the focus on a more serious tone – which makes sense since a lot of the characters have grown and mr Shue as well (and regarding the newbies, they can all evaporate for all I care).

        • http://drukeeble.tumblr.com/ Sasha

          Yeah, I agree that Glee HAS had it’s good drama, but that was years ago. I honestly don’t think they can recover.
          If they wanted to keep the franchise going, the best thing to do would to be choose a character or two and make a spin-off following them (if the writers had been smart, we’d have a Hummelberry spinoff by now). It would be a chance to start fresh. I feel like Glee has way too many characters for it to handle and from what I’ve seen of the last season, the switching between New York and Lima is awkward.

      • guest

        While I absolutely loved Buffy and am also a Glee fan, they are two completely different programmes so should not even be compared. Also Glee hasn’t even aired yet so maybe we should watch first then comment?

        • http://drukeeble.tumblr.com/ Sasha

          I actually think Glee and Buffy are pretty comparable. They’re both genre-fluid shows that tackle the social issues of the day with a fair amount of camp (and singing lesbians!). One is just considerably better, imho.

          I watched Glee before I watched Buffy and I felt like, in a way, Buffy is a lot Glee tried to do, done right.

    • Juan

      How about you shut the fuck up because you just sound stupid !!! Do you really think that the whole new season is going to be all these characters just miserable because they lost their friend ??? Ummm no !!! They need to move on past that because by its very definition, glee is about joy !!! Fucking idiot !!!

      • concerned

        Are you off your meds or are you always irrationally angry about comments on the internet?

    • Fran Kilshaw

      With all due respect, they are the grieving parties and have every right to deal with his death in the way that is most comfortable for them. This isn’t about what you want.

    • Tomas

      Yes they can. There will be a writing hiatus between episode 3 and 4 and they made it very clear how hard the passing of Cory Monteith was, so it’s not disrespectful or anything, the show must go on, it’s as simple as that.

  • Ultron

    This is honestly really dumb. Why add fuel to the fire. Plus this is a really bad idea considering the Finn tribute literally just happened..It’s almost as if it was a filler episode just so the audience could have some closure but not the characters! You could go for some huge character development but no, you decide to jump right into some dumb, non-existent war. So glad I dropped this show halfway through season 3. It’s just not good anymore

  • Lydia

    So do these kids have a time machine or am I missing something? Applause and Roar were both released this summer and it’s still spring 2013 in Glee right?

  • Guest

    I’m excited for this episode. I’ve always enjoyed the cast’s covers of Lady Gaga and Katy Perry songs, and this seems like a fun way to play off the “rivalry” between the musicians (much as “Feud” did, and I loved that episode). I’m excited to see how many cast members are singing, too!

    I don’t think it’s quite fair to write this off as “the worst thing Glee has ever done.” We haven’t seen the episode yet — have they even filmed it yet? — so I say let’s not jump the gun. Let’s wait and see how it is.

    Also, I don’t think it’s offensive to Cory to return to the uplifting and upbeat mood of Glee after his tribute episode — Glee is all about opening oneself up to joy. Even the tribute episode has been described as a celebration of Finn’s life, not an episode mourning his loss.

    Lastly, if you don’t like the show, don’t watch it. It’s simple. It can be hard to read articles about a show you like and see a bunch of comments saying, “This is why I stopped watching” or “This show sucks.”

    • Santanaishot


  • alexa

    i get everyone’s anger and on many levels i do agree about them doing this episode after the tribute

    i guess I don’t understand how it would be an honor to Corey to make the rest of the show about Finn’s death. I don’t want this to come off the wrong way, cause clearly i didn’t know him or anything, but I feel like Corey was really passionate about this show and what it does
    I can’t imagine he’d want the show to stop trying to help bring joy to the viewers (which is why i dont get when people say they want the show to have a “dark tone”) and instead to have a whole season of everyone crying- trust me their doing that on their own time. it probably helps them to come together and do what they love as a group, just like Corey would want them to

    i mean if you’re concerned that he’s going to be forgotten, come on that’s clearly not gunna happen they all loved him. I think they feel the best way to honor him is to do a tribute episode (which is obviously gunna be hugely emotional) and than continue the show in his name

  • Jake

    Don’t get your panties in a twist, everyone. While this episode’s songs may focus on this, you forget that there’s always going to be a subplot going on. I bet the reason they’re going to be singing these songs is going to be one of Mr. Schue’s ways of moving on or something (he’ll make it sound a lot more sense then it really does, as usual). Under the music, I’m expecting there to be a lot of grieving or at least mentions of it. Who knows how long of a gap that would have happened between these two episodes? It could be a while, making more sense. No one really knows. Don’t complain until you’ve seen the episode.

  • xosnowangel

    Adam Lambert singing Marry the Night is gonna be fantastic!

  • Michael Vartanian

    omg I love this!!! First we never have to see Finn again and now this! Wonderful

    • annie

      It’s fine to dislike a character but this seems a little insensitive seeing as the actor died.

    • The Girl Who Waited

      That was an immensely inappropriate thing to say. If your own petty feelings toward a *fictional* character matter more to you than respecting the memory of the actual person behind them who has lost their life, then that makes you a pretty crappy human being. Please grow up and learn some respect.

  • Bee Oggy

    I love Adam lambert on glee, I believed Adam really perfect on glee, I want to see Adam sing with lovato or lady gaga .

  • Allysa Mentor

    Don’t sit through it then, go keep crying in a corner all by yourself. Life goes on, and that’s a fact. Stop trying to make people feel guilty, because they want to get past the mourning stage.

  • Lauriellen

    LOL at the fan wars between Gaga and Katy. Now you add us Glamberts.

    As for the story line, I like this idea better: http://biggestleeker.blogspot.com/

  • Nouvel610

    Glee is so desperate for views. They should have been canceled three seasons ago. They will do anything to stay on. I love Adam’s voice and Gaga, but nothing can make me sit through an episode of Glee

  • Garrett Pletcher

    I just hate that their feeding the whole competition, even if it is in a playful way. Music isn’t about competition.

  • Chan

    I think that is so freaking dumb, I mean really. Katy and Gaga don’t wanna have a feud and are not competing. Their music is completely different and also gaga is a whole lot more talented than katy because she actually writes her own music and can sing live. Katy doesn’t

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