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In case you weren’t excited enough for Breaking Bad‘s final eight episodes which commence this Sunday, this spoiler-free review will raise the bar even higher.

Writes SFGate in one of the first Breaking Bad season 6 reviews, “The pace of the episode is measured, controlled, constantly building suspense. It is magnificently and appropriately excruciating.”

They continue, “There are two scenes in Sunday’s episode that that rank among the most powerful in the entire series. One spotlights a shattering moment in Norris’ portrayal of Hank, and another does the same with Paul’s portrayal of Jesse. They are unforgettable but almost unnecessary reminders of just how good this cast has been, to a man, woman and child.”

If we were to speculate, the scene involving Hank that the reviewer is referencing may be connected to the below clip that AMC has been airing in the build up to the season 6 premiere. In this scene, the camera is close up on Hanks eyes, and he’s quickly driving a car to an unknown location:

Breaking Bad season 5 ended on a huge cliffhanger. Hank, played by Norris, connects Walt to Heisenberg thanks to a book he finds in the White family home. We’ve been waiting since late last year to find out how Hank will handle the situation.

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We hope that the season 6, episode 1 premiere kicks off with Hank leaving the bathroom and trying to keep his cool while he plots how to handle the situation. If the preview above is any indication, Hank is absolutely infuriated and is ready to finally get his man — who’s also his brother in law.

Breaking Bad season 6, otherwise known as season 5B, premieres this Sunday at 9 p.m. eastern/pacific on AMC.

Thanks to the San Francisco Chronicle for the review quotes.

  • kitkat

    Andrew – you accidentally wrote brother instead of brother in law

  • Kit Cat

    It’s only showing on Netflix in the UK right? Is there anyway of watching this on the computer (legally)?? I’m not going to have a TV to watch it for the first episode… it’s also weird that two people called kitkat/kit cat commented on this story

    • http://www.hypable.com/ Andrew Sims

      Thank you.. fixed!

    • zach

      I think I saw somewhere that you could change your country settings on netflix to watch it.

    • Matt

      If you want to stream you can use:
      -tubeplus.me (best imo)
      -movie4k.to might have them (new version of 2k cos they got shutdown)
      If you want to download the episodes:
      -Use uTorrent or similar and download from thepiratebay.se (might have to wait a day or two after airing)

  • Willis Dumpis

    I just died

  • Gimme_Danger

    Hank’s going to leave the book out for Walt to find so Walt knows that Hank knows… Then Hank will wait to see how Walt reacts.

    • KatieWilyat

      I looked on my TV and season 6 episode 1 isn’t on any channel or at any time, nor are any of the other 6th season episodes on there, just re-runs, explain yourselves!

      • Gimme_Danger

        do you get AMC on basic cable?

        • KatieWilyat

          Yeah, but all its showing me is the last episode of season 5 “Gliding Over All” Did it show up on your TV?

          • Gimme_Danger

            Not sure if you are aware, the final season was broken down into two parts (8 episodes each).

            The start of the second part of the final season doesn’t begin until this Sunday, August 8. If you have AMC, you’ll be able to watch it when it debuts. Think it comes on at 9 pm EST.

            Sounds like you are looking at your on demand selections? If so, the new episodes won’t be on there… Gliding Over All was the last episode of the first part of the final season.

  • Guest

    Season 6? You mean season 5. Just cos they were broken down don’t mean it’s a separate season :) (eg. the Sopranos)

    • Liderc

      ^Clearly didn’t read the entire post.

      • Guest

        It says “season 6, episode 1″ “season 6 reviews” and “season 5 ended in a cliffhanger”. It’s still season 5, they just broke it down.

        • David

          When you chop a season in half and show half the seasons one year and the other half a year later, that’s two seasons.

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