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Reports are circulating in tabloids that Claire Danes could leave Homeland at the end of season three after recently becoming a mother.

Claire Danes could be wanting to leave Homeland after recently becoming a new mother with her son Cyrus, and she is “secretly planning to leave Homeland” according to the National Enquirer.

“Claire has finally discovered the one thing she loves more than acting — being a mom,” is the quote coming from an insider that all Homeland fans are talking about. The “source” goes on to explain that before Cyrus was born, Danes would never have thought about giving up the role of Carrie Mathison as she thought she’d be able to balance her working life with her family life. This appears not to be the case.

“But now she doesn’t want to leave her son” the source continues. But, Homeland fans should not worry. The Enquirer leads with the news that Danes will not be quitting quite so soon, with a report that the writers doubled her salary per episode in the wake of the potential move Danes had almost taken. Rumours are circulating that despite her pay rise, Danes is having regrets about signing on for the third season of Homeland.

Considering this is from a tabloid, chances are this source may not even be legitimate.

But what if it were true? This opens up many more possibilities into how Carrie Mathison could turn out. Carrie, who has had a turbulent relationship with both Brody and the CIA could really become the leading storyline in the upcoming season. Could Carrie and Brody be against the American people? Could the CIA try to take out Brody and Carrie? We’ll have to wait and see.

Homeland returns in the final week of September on Showtime.

  • Gary65

    Considering that the scripts for season 3 haven’t even been written yet, I’m a little confused as to how she would even know whether or not it is possible to balance the two. I’m not casting aspertions on how she wishes to raise her son. I’m just saying that, considering her baby isn’t even a month old, I’m a little confused as to how she would have come to this conclusion, told Showtime, negotiated a s3 pay raise for her to stay and have someone leak it to the press(if you can even call the National Enquirer “press”) in less than 3 weeks.

    • Donna

      In addition to all that, since when do writers of a show give salary increases?

    • John

      > Considering that the scripts for season 3 haven’t even
      > been written yet,
      I’m a little confused as to how she would
      > even know whether or not it
      is possible to balance the two.

      Because if you’re on a TV show you’re going to spend 14 hour days on a set, period, no matter what the scriptwriters come up with, if you’re one of the contract players (the people whose names go at the start and aren’t guest stars at the end), that’s how. Duh.

      • Gary65

        That’s true. But there are plenty of mothers who act as part of a main cast and raise their kids aswell. Ellen Pompeo comes to mind(and her workload is twice that of Claire Danes, as Grey’s Anatomy produces twice the episodes Homeland does). TV sets make accommodations for working mothers all the time. As a seasoned actress, she would know this. Still doesn’t explain hwo she’s come to this conslusion. She hasn’t worked yet.

  • http://blackrapture.tumblr.com/ thegoodshipdestiel

    That would be amazing, her character drives me nuts.

  • spacie19

    I hope this isn’t the case, but if it is, I hope Claire chooses what’s best for her family, and that they have a really strong concluding season. There’s no show without her. Quality > quantity.

  • Michelle

    The National Enquirer is one of those tabloids notorious for ‘reporting’ stories that are a little lacking in facts, if not entirely bogus. I wouldn’t read too much into this.

  • John

    I love the way there have been about 15 articles online about this, every one of them just rehashing the exact same quotes as the original tabloid story, and all of them ending by saying since the report came from a tabloid it’s almost certainly just gossip–but that doesn’t stop any of them from reposting it anyway. Pathetic. No wonder Claire hates to talk to the press.

  • Chris

    f**k being a mother! Claire should do what she is supposed to do and please the homeland fans by sticking around!!!! jeez…

  • kolocho peloliso

    noooooooooo please i cant live without carrie

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