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Doctor Who showrunner has denied plans for a rebooted movie franchise, branding David Yates’ proposal “silly.”

Harry Potter director ignited a lot of controversy last November when he revealed plans to reboot Doctor Who as a movie franchise with no story or production ties to the long-running television series. Since then, Yates and Moffat have been continuously contradicting eachother – and fans have been confused as to whether the film is on or off. But finally it looks like The Moff has put the production to bed. Speaking to Airlock Alpha at last week’s Comic-Con, the writer said “there will not come a time where there is a separate Doctor… everyone knows that’s silly, the BBC knows that’s silly. No one’s going to do that.”

Joined by producer Caroline Skinner, the showrunner also discussed his approach to planning the 50th Anniversary, and how filming in New York came about.

Are you disappointed we won’t be seeing a Yates-helmed blockbuster, or is the Whoniverse better off without it?

  • tG

    THANK YOU. Never let david yates anywhere near doctor who.

    • Tennis4Life

      PREACH. all hail the moff!!!

  • Ev42

    I’m not completely against the idea of a Doctor Who movie, but I mean, the idea of having two separate Doctors, one for TV and one for cinema, is ridiculous. If they were to make a movie along the lines of the Christmas specials (like, a very long, completely independent from the current series story arc but still consistent with established Whoniverse episode type thing) I don’t think I’d mind, though…

    • Meur123

      I know! I don’t see why they couldn’t just make a movie starring Matt Smith, or a future Doctor.

  • Lotte

    Okay, I do not really watch ‘Doctor Who’ (even though it looks like fun, and one day I will probably try it out) so I am not heavily invested in the controversy. But I wonder why an director, such as David Yates, does make such premature statement without a clear agreement yet. Especially considering Moffat openly speaks against rebooting British shows (i.e. Sherlock, Dr Who). Why bother, when there are clear chances that Yates won’t get the right at the end?! Why start such a controversy?

    Generally, I never will understand why British shows can’t be just promoted and shown in the States. After all, the shows are in English and a lot of people miss out so many great, quality shows (i.e. Luther, Sherlock). Reboots will always mystify me.   

    • tG

       because david yates thinks he can get any franchise he wants after WB was foolish enough to keep him on harry potter.

      • Meur123

        I disagree. I think that Yates was the best director of the Harry Potter series.

        • kmorris76

          By 7.1 and 7.2 I think that’s true but it was DEFINITELY not true for 5.

          • grapes9h5

            agreed, but he was a rookie director when he did 5. Its a shame the movie had to suffer for it but it did lead to a strong improvement with each subsequent film

          • Meur123

            I liked OOTP, but I won’t admit that it felt a little rushed, Each of the subsequent film was better, and DH2 was freakin’ epic.

            I don’t think that OOTP was the worst film in the series though, that goes to GOF.

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Connor-Frye/1326652893 Connor Frye

      Well they are shown on BBC America

  • stargazer

    Yay!!! Moffat rules! (I have to admit I was scared for a while there)

  • grapes9h5

    Who would mourn the loss of an obvious bad idea? I love David Yates but that was a bad idea. Plain and Simple. If there is gonna be a big budget Hollywood Doctor Who movie, it should be in canon with the show. Thats easy to do because every time the Doctor regenerates, the show sort of reboots in sense anyway.

    • grapes9h5

      that being said id love to see the movie Doctor be written by Moffat and star Matt Smith

  • Glaciusx

    THANK YOU SO FUCKING MUCH. I wanted to eviscerate him when he said this shit. He totally screwed up Half Blood Prince for me!!! Not adding another battle because there was a battle before and in the next movie is such an idiotic move! Could you imagine what he’d do to Doctor Who? JEEZ.

  • Jason

    No! The fanboy gods must not fight! 

  • PadLock

    What Moff says goes, period

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