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Episode #318: ‘Agent Carter’ Wrap Up – Draco Malfoy Fanfic

Hosted by Karen, Danielle, Nasim, Kendra, Maj, and Brittany

July 3, 2019

We’re all superfans of Agent Carter now and our ReWatchable hosts assemble one last time to discuss the show in its entirety.

WARNING: This Agent Carter discussion WILL contain Endgame spoilers!

WE’RE ALL Superfans: Karen, Danielle, Nasim, Kendra, Maj, and Brittany

Fun Facts:
Brittany wants to stage a production of Hammered, the new Thor and Loki play written by Broadway’s Christian Borle. Danielle has been following a local Chicago band and has been jamming out to their music. Kendra continues to be incredibly awesome and took a course to get her motorcycle license (and of course is one step closer to being an Avenger). Maj drove through the mountains named, coincidentally, after Loki’s homeland. Nasim just wrapped up her summer classes and did well… comparatively… and feels better that they are over. Karen went to see the Try Guys in Detroit. She loves them. Her love is infectious, read all about it here.

Agent Carter: Wrap-Up Discussion
Not great, Bob
-OG superfans reflect on watching the show again with fresh takes
-Were they worried about revisiting the show?
-Did they like anything better? Dislike anything?
-Newbies — what did they think?
-Would they watch it again?
-Let’s talk about Jack…or wait, should we?
-Disney+ will have a series voiced by Haley Atwell in What If where Peggy gets the serum
-Do we want to see Agent Carter back in the MCU?
-And now we are going to move on!

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Listener Feedback:
A full recording of the Smithsonian video
-Thanks for listening
-A love letter to Jarvis

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