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Episode #314: ‘Agent Carter’ 2×08 – Void Voice

Hosted by Natalie, Nasim, Kendra, and Brittany

June 6, 2019

The ReWatchable team assembles a few newbies to discuss Agent Carter season 2, episode 8, “The Edge of Mystery.”

WARNING: This Agent Carter discussion may contain Endgame spoilers!

Superfans: Natalie
Newbies: Nasim, Kendra, and Brittany

Fun Facts:
Brittany met Danielle and is happy to report that she is a REAL person! Kendra spent the weekend biking from her current home back to her hometown (150 km!!!) and apparently the entire place is a vineyard that plays Guardians of the Galaxy soundtrack now. Nasim got a car and it is red! Newbie #1 tells Natalie that her fun fact is that she will discuss Good Omens with Brittany at the conclusion of this podcast (ok, and a bit beforehand).

Have any miniseries dreams for ReWatchable?

We’re watching and discussing Agent Carter in the timeline that the Russo Brothers confirmed still happened despite the events of Endgame.

Agent Carter season 2, episode 8, “The Edge of Mystery”
-So much happens all the time in this episode
-Flashbacks remind us what is at stake
-Now Jarvis looks like he got hit by a train, we aren’t doing well
-How are we feeling about Peggy’s choices at this point?
-Wilkes – Dark Matter’s vehicle or just a bad person?
-Every mob boss enjoys their Nonna’s cooking
-No one gets to eat spaghetti
-Nonna’s got a knife!!
-But overall the back of the restaurant meeting was a win
-Where did Jack go to school?
-Brittany is not a huge fan of Jack *side eyes*
-Was anyone thinking this was a flashback?
-Jack cannot trust his gut, can we trust him?
-What would Jarvis name the dog?
-Ana losing her ability to have a baby – discuss
-Did Tony Stark benefitted from this?
-Jarvis pulled the trigger!
-Do we think the document is real? Was Peggy a criminal?
-No time for shipping villains!
-How did we want the showdown to go? Rose should have been the MVP here!
-Can we take Jack back?
-Everyone is picking fights and the team should probably take a team
-Why does Jarvis go on the mission?
-Favorite Scenes
-Favorite Lines

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Listener Feedback:
-More Agent Carter behind the scenes videos thanks to Pirate Angel
-Some fan-favorite scenes from 2×07

Brittany’s Brainstorms, Nasim’s Narrative and Kendra’s Creeping Suspicions:
Agent Carter season 2, episode 9, “A Little Song and Dance”

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