The ReWatchable hosts assemble to discuss Agent Carter season 1, episode 4, “The Blitzkrieg Button.”

Superfan: Natalie and Kristen
Newbies: Ariana

Fun Facts:

Kristen saw the Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief musical in Detroit and had a really good time with her roomie. Natalie is watching The Magicians and has some Jason Ralph fun facts regarding his time with Peter and the Starcatcher. Ariana is also binge-watching The Magicians, and is liking the television series much more than the book.

Agent Carter season 1, episode 4, “The Blitzkrieg Button”
-Peggy and Jarvis show up for a special delivery that ends up being none other than Howard Stark himself.
-Not as surprising as it probably should have been.
-In order to keep Howard hidden from the SSR, who are totally onto him, Peggy smuggles him into the Griffith.
-Is Howard being irresponsible or just playing things on the fly?
-Dooley heads to Nuremberg to question a Nazi.
-How do we feel about the tactics that the SSR uses to get info (cianide caps/beatings/lying, etc)
-Dooley learns that Howard left the area after the massacre, and is even more suspicious of Mr. Stark
-Jack Thompson AKA Chad Michael Murray is left in charge and he puts them all on notice that he’s gonna be Mr. No Nonsense.
-Sousa brings in a homeless man for questioning but doesn’t get answers until Jack steps in.
-Is this show a fair example of the time or is it a little over-the-top?
-Did Sousa need to get into the story behind his leg or was it a little much for the situation?
-Howard asks Peggy to get one of his inventions, the Blitzkrieg Button, because it could be used to black out a city.
-Peggy gets the item, but she doesn’t believe Howard, so she presses the button and finds a vial of what we later learn is Steve Rogers’ blood.
-Howard and Peggy have (rather loud) words about his lying and the blood.
-Why didn’t Howard just tell Peggy the truth and ask her to rescue Steve’s blood from the SSR?
-Stan Lee cameo!
-Natalie provides some Stan Lee fun facts.
-The creepy blonde guy shows up to deliver flowers to Peggy as a ruse to get to her room, but is taken down by ninja Dottie.
-Ariana totally called the Dottie is evil thing last week.
-We are left with the magic typewriter clicking away… as Dooley looks on.
-Favorite Scenes
-Favorite Lines

Listener Feedback:
– We have a lot of Jack feelings, and we are definitely hoping to see growth out of him.
– One listener would really like us to do Wildfire at some point. We shall see!

Ariana’s Assumptions:
Agent Carter season 1, episode 5, “The Iron Ceiling”

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