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Episode #270: ‘Sense8’ Introduction — We Will Survive. Together.

Hosted by Karen, Danielle, Maj, Natalie, Kristen, Ariana, Caitlin

July 3, 2018

Join ReWatchable as we prepare for our next great adventure, Sense8! We’ve got a large group for this episode bringing all kinds of excitement for our intro.

Time for Sense8 talk!
-No spoilers for the newbies please!
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-Meet the Superfans: Karen, Danielle, Maj, and Mitch (who couldn’t make it today, but we sing his praises)
Sense8 according to Mitch
-Meet the Newbies: Caitlin, Ariana, Brittany (who also couldn’t make it today), Natalie, Kristen
-We debate how we should cover Sense8 (we are so professional).
-Should we do two episodes per podcast or one at a time?
-Reach out to us on social media and let us know what you guys think! (Edit: We’re doing one at a time!Sense8 and why they love it.
-Danielle gives us a beautiful speech that none of the other Superfans want to follow.
-The Newbies talk about what they know about Sense8 and how excited they are (or are not) about starting this show.
-We learn that we might have a guest host. Only time will tell.

Fisher’s Forecasts/Caitlin’s Conjectures/Ariana’s Assumptions:
-The true newbies (AKA not Kristen) give their best guesses as to what this show is going to deliver in the first season.

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