Resistance Radio Podcast

Episode #14 – Hello There

Hosted by Mikey, Donya and Eric

May 29, 2016

Eric returns to Resistance Radio to join Mikey and Donya for all the latest Celebration news, and a discussion about our favorite cape-wearing former smuggler — Lando.

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Indy PopCon is coming up fast. We’ll be hosting a Star Wars panel with Indiana’s 501st, as well as a live podcast and other shenanigans.
– And, if you’re able to make it to PopCon, we’ll also have some awesome Resistance Radio merch for sale!
– Some Rebel Spies from Oblivion State managed to sneak onto the Star Wars set — and took a load a photographs.
– Celebration Europe will have pin trading! Donya wants all of the pins… well. Except maybe one.
– Martin Panchaud has created a phenomenal infographic for A New Hope that we’re all in awe of.
– Lego Star Wars: The Force Awakens will be out on June 28, and they’ve released a Finn vignette ahead of it.
– Hello, what have we here? It’s our Spotlight on Lando Calrissian.
– We take a moment to appreciate his cape — well, until one of us goes a little Edna Mode on his sartorial choices.
– Is Lando the only black man in the Star Wars universe? At least, in the Original Trilogy.
– We look back at that “leaked” packaging of a Finn toy that “revealed” his last name.
– Was Lando a good guy, or an opportunist? We break down his actions and choices in the Original Trilogy.
– How about his relationship with Han, Chewie and Leia?
– Where was Lando in The Force Awakens?

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