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Special #23 – Talking ‘The 100’ With Kass Morgan

Hosted by Selina Wilken, Kass Morgan

December 6, 2016

Hype Podcast welcomes The 100 author Kass Morgan on to chat about her new novel Rebellion, her books’ relationship to the CW series, upcoming projects and much more!

Today, December 6, marks the release of Rebellion — the fourth and final (?!) book in Kass Morgan’s The 100 novel series.

The books inspired the CW series of the same name, but as readers/viewers know, the two stories have veered in greatly separate directions. The storylines diverge even further in Rebellion, although in this interview, Morgan reveals that she was somewhat inspired by the series in regards to one major plot development…

This podcast special features the full audio interview with Kass Morgan, which also contains big plot spoilers for Rebellion! If you prefer reading to listening, the transcript of the interview can be found right here.

– What came first, the book or the show?
– What it’s like for Kass to be writing her The 100 novels while watching an alternate version of the story unfold on the TV series?
– Is it possible to ship Clarke with different people in the books and the show?
– There’s an exciting development for Octavia in Rebellion! What inspired that decision?
– The conversation around representation in fiction has really shaped The 100 fandom
– Is equality the only upside to the apocalypse?
– Are the TV show’s Finn and Raven gender-bent versions of Glass and Luke?
– Why Glass’ perspective is so important
– So how about that Bellamy/Clarke ending?
– Are the books and the show able to borrow story elements from each other?
– We speculate a little about what’s gonna happen in The 100 season 4
– Kass reveals her favorite character on The 100 TV show
– Does she imagine any of the book characters as the actors from the show?
– We take a moment to appreciate that Wells is alive in the books <3 - Kass discusses the differences between book and show Bellamy - Could there be a The 100 book 5?
– And finally, Kass Morgan reveals what else she’s working on!

The 100 book #4, Rebellion, is in stores now.

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