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‘Gilmore Girls’ Special #7: The Hype Girls Talk Season 7

Hosted by Selina Wilken, Pam Gocobachi, Marama Whyte

November 23, 2016

Bon Voyage! We’ve reached the end of our Gilmore Girls rewatch, just in time for the Netflix revival. We break down the controversial seventh season and decide how it compares to the show as a whole.

This is is, we made it. After many months and SO many hours of TV, we are all up to date on Gilmore Girls. Now that she has seen it all, what does our resident newbie Selina think about this show? Is she mad at Pam and Marama for making her do this? (Spoiler alert: no.) Hear our thoughts on this final season, and our predictions, hopes, and dreams for the Netflix revival.

Plus, we announce our plans for the revival. Stay tuned to the end to hear them.

– It’s been a journey!
– We chat about the brand new trailer, but without ruining Selina’s spoiler-free status
– Unpopular opinion: We don’t hate season 7
– We kick off with our Christopher complaint segment
– Luke and April v. Christopher and Rory: Pam explains The Letter as a turning point
– Marama blames Logan’s regression on writing, not character
– Rory’s social and financial privilege is again exposed in this season
– PSA: Down with public proposals
– We diverge into an Emily and Richard love letter
– “Bon Voyage”: When did we cry?
– Were we all satisfied with this finale when we watched it for the first time?
– How does it rank on a scale of series finales?
– For the last time (maybe?), we give our favourite episodes and characters!
– Are some of the poor decisions in season 7 the result of a male showrunner taking over?
– The problematic feminism of Gilmore Girls as a whole
– And for the first time, we give our favourite season
– Our Netflix predictions: Who’s employed, who’s together, who’s married, who’s pregnant, who’s living their dreams?
– Most importantly: Will Lane ever be happy?
– To wrap up, we predict the final four words
– Plus, our plans for the Netflix revival
– And we have a special message for everyone who has taken this journey with us

Don’t forget to refresh yourselves on the events of the last six seasons by listening to our other Gilmore Girls specials for season 1, season 2, season 3, season 4, season 5, and season 6!

Want more Gilmore goodness? Pam and Marama also recorded a mini special where we took a deep dive into the first official Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life trailer!

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