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‘The 100’ Season 1 Special – Going Back to the Beginning

Hosted by Selina Wilken, Pamela Gocobachi, Marama Whyte

January 11, 2017

Hype Podcast revisits The 100 season 1 in preparation for the upcoming season 4 premiere.

On the heels of our Gilmore Girls rewatch Odyssey, Hypable’s Hype Podcast is embarking on a very different journey — we’re going to the Ground.

Superfan Selina is making her co-hosts Pam and Marama watch The 100 for the very first time, starting with the fast-paced first season of the CW drama.

Because Pam and Marama are newcomers to the fandom, and in order for listeners to watch along with us, there will be no spoilers for The 100 beyond season 1. We also implore you not to spoil anything from future episodes in your feedback!

– First impressions of the show: Are Pam and Marama into it?
– What did we think about the pilot episode?
– Wells’ death was such a bummer
– Charlotte’s storyline: Too Lord of the Flies?
– Did our opinions about any characters change over the course of the season?
– Can we still appreciate Finn after the Raven/Clarke debacle?
– And speaking of Clarke! She’s the greatest…
– …Except for Raven, who is even better. Team Princess Mechanic all the way!
– Bellamy is a bit more complicated — the hosts reach very different conclusions about his character
– Octavia is the newbies’ favorite character so far
– Murphy is “the worst”
– The Grounders: A problematic storyline?
– SHIPPING! Do any couples/potential couples stand out to us?
– We list our favorite characters and episodes, and bring up a few concerns about the post-season 1 future of the show
– Pam and Marama share their newbie theories!

We wrap up with Listener Feedback, which you can contribute to for our season 2 discussion! Simply reply to this post, email [email protected], tweet us @HypableHype or find us on Tumblr.

Look for our The 100 season 2 special in two weeks’ time.

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