3:33 pm EST, November 30, 2015

#ClarkeTheHusband: How a ‘The 100’ fanfic accidentally went viral

This is a real fish bites dog story.

Something really amusing happened in The 100 fan community this week. It involves Clarke, Lexa, a dog named Fish and — gasp — the world outside of fandom.

You may have seen the amazing text conversations floating around on social media, in which a wife named Lexa tells her husband Clarke about the new dog she’s bringing home:


clarke fish

Clarke the husband isn’t happy, see, because Lexa was meant to bring home a fish. Instead, amusingly, Lexa brings home a dog she named Fish. Oh, married couples and their shenanigans!

These texts went viral both on Twitter and Facebook; this Facebook post has more than 650,000 shares, with people going crazy debating the issue and declaring their loyalty to either #ClarketheHusband or #LexatheWife.

And today, British newspaper The Daily Star jumped on the hype train, publishing the text conversation on their website.

“Mum goes out to buy kids pet fish — but dad couldn’t believe what she came home with,” the headline of the article reads. There’s also a poll, where readers are asked to side with either the husband or the wife.

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Only problem? This happens to be a made-up conversation created by a The 100 fan, imagining a happier, non-apocalypsey AU in which Clarke and Lexa are husband wife and wife.

The 100 Clexa

The Fish the Dog conversations were first posted to the Tumblr account ClarkeGriffinTexts, and Clexa fans quickly bought into the idea of Clarke and Lexa forming a happy little family.

It’s absolutely hilarious to see how non-fandom has responded to this fictional argument, and how people have even taken sides — but the fact that Clarke was immediately assumed to be a male does say a lot about our heteronormative society, doesn’t it?!

Despite this somewhat depressing factor, The 100 fans are having a blast with this, and are fully embracing the ridiculousness of #ClarketheHusband. We’ve never been more in love with this fandom:

The best thing about all this is that The 100 showrunner Jason Rothenberg is now aware of Fish the Dog:

Best fans ever is right. Here’s hoping for a #FishtheDog cameo in The 100 season 3! Hey, if there are gorillas and two-headed deer, why can’t there be cute golden retriever puppies?

‘The 100’ returns Jan. 21, 2016 on The CW.

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