Hype Podcast

Episode #47 – The Unpopular Opinions Edition

Hosted by Selina Wilken, Andrew Sims, Marama Whyte

May 6, 2015

This week on Hype, Selina, Andrew and Marama tackle Age of Ultron, Star Wars and Suicide Squad news (as always), talk Mad Men and Game of Thrones, plug self-published books and hype up our most unpopular opinion pieces!

How We Hype:
– Andrew is still reading Ready Player One
– Selina is catching up on self-published book reviews
– Marama has seen Pitch Perfect 2!

– Martin Freeman joins Captain America: Civil War. Amazing news, or too much of a good thing?
Age of Ultron spoiler alert! (Skip 3 mins ahead if you haven’t seen it yet.) Joss Whedon shot a happier ending scene for Quicksilver
– Black Widow gets her own Marvel movie in SNL parody starring Scarlett Johansson. We love it, obvs
– Josh Trank leaves Star Wars anthology film, and it’ll be all about Boba Fett!
– New pictures from The Force Awakens reveal Kylo Ren, and more importantly, Captain Phasma
– The first shot of the Suicide Squad cast did not sit well with fans
– Jeff Daniels joins Allegiant, as does Bill, Stellan and/or Alexander Skarsgard
– Josh Gad explains why Beauty and the Beast will blow people’s minds, but will it? One listener is worried…
Indiana Jones film coming at some point. Could anyone but Chris Pratt take on this role?
Revenge has (finally) been cancelled by ABC
– A Friends reboot is officially never gonna happen, Selina flashes back to her childhood
– JK Rowling apologizes for Fred’s death. It’s too late to ‘pologize, Jo.

TV Show of the Week:
Game of Thrones as usual, The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt (might not be so unbreakable?), and Mad Men!

Hot On Hypable:
We’ve got a lot of Avengers features this week, and they’re all super unpopular (…or just ballsy?). Also plugging some TV articles, and more.

Listener Feedback:
Everyone’s reading Ready Player One, basically.

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