Hype Podcast

Special #26 – ‘Sense8’ Season 2 and Beyond

Hosted by Tariq Kyle, Nasim Mansuri, Brandi Delhagen

July 10, 2017

Sense8 had its second season premiere, then got cancelled, then announced a two-hour special all in less than two months!

It’s been a whirlwind ride for Sense8 fans, and we know the Netflix cancellation and subsequent special announcement has taken its toll on everyone.

To break down all the craziness, Sense8 superfan Kyle returns to Hype for this special all about Sense8 season 2 — and beyond! We’re also introducing two first-time Hype hosts: Brandi and Nasim.

– Introductions! Meet your new hosts and welcome back an oldie.
– Character Discussion: There’s so much to talk about, so we broke it down by character. In order of Wolgang, Kala, Sun, Riley, Capheus, Will, Nomi, Lito
– Big questions we need the wrap-up special to answer:
– How does the birthing of a cluster work?
– Will Wolfgang live?
– Most importantly, will the special be affected because they probably won’t be able to travel everywhere they need and they’ll probably have to spend WAY less money?

Send in your thoughts, the hosts would love to hear ’em!

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