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Episode #6 – ‘Firefly’ 1×06 ‘Our Mrs. Reynolds’

Hosted by Laura, Caitlin, Karen, and Tariq

April 25, 2013

ReWatchable is here for another episode! This week we discuss the sixth episode of Firefly, “Our Mrs. Reynolds.”

Don’t forget that this podcast is spoiler-free, featuring both Firefly fans and newbies. So it’s safe for everyone to listen!


-Everyone rates the episode differently – Tariq gives it a thumbs up, Karen gives it a thumbs down, and Caitlin gives it a thumbs sideways. Laura, ever the superfan, says it’s one of her favorite episodes.
-We all feel that Mal’s behavior in this episode just solidifies what we already thought of him.
-We all love seeing Inara on more of a human level, with a lot more emotion.
-Nearly everyone is surprised Inara is the only one rushing off to find Mal.
-Do we think Inara was falling for Saffron’s tricks before the alarms went off?
-Laura points out a possible mistake in the position of the doors for Mal’s room and Zoe’s room.
-We all love woozy Inara.
-We wonder if Inara feels relief or annoyance that Mal didn’t realize she kissed him.
-Laura tells us which Mad Men actress is in this episode. (And Tariq tells us what Andrew tweeted that made him want to watch the show.)
-Were we surprised that Saffron was a bad guy?
-Were the townies from the beginning of the episodes in on Saffron’s scheme? We’re confused.
-Laura then asks us a loaded question: Is Saffron amoral or immoral?
-There’s been a huge debate about the fact that Mal hit Saffron at the end of the episode. We weigh in.
-Then Laura tells us about a crazy conspiracy theory. (Read the essay she refers to here — but at your own risk!)
-Did we miss Simon and River?
-Tariq feels self conscious about sharing his theories since he’s a newbie (Hint: He still thinks Shepherd Book is evil.)
-Of course there are Jayne and Vera fics. Of course. (And Caitlin approves. Check one out for yourself.)
-Karen is wary of Jayne’s viciousness.
-Laura and Tariq wonder exactly how the poisonous lipstick works. We have theories.
-Next up is “Jaynestown”! Laura warns us against “The Ballad of Jayne.”

How did you like “Our Mrs. Reynolds”? Where does it rank with you as an episode?

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