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Episode #144: ‘Geek Actually’ Interview

Hosted by Karen, Brittany, Cathy Yardley, and Cecelia Tan

August 15, 2017

Book Hype hosts Karen and Brittany join Cathy Yardley and Cecelia Tan from Geek Actually to discuss the series!

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What we’re reading:
Three Little Words by Melissa Blue (a co-author!)
Looking for Group by Alexis Hall
Monstress by Marjorie Liu
The Master by Tara Su Me
-And the TBR pile includes everything from the Hugo awards list!

Geek Actually: Who are they? What is it?
-Cathy Yardley: approached by Serial Box to bring her “showrunner” capabilities to the series
Superpower: guiding writers to plot development is her superpower
-Cecelia Tan: long time science-fiction, fantasy, erotica writer
Superpower: champion of fully realized female characters
-How would you describe Geek Actually: “It’s the geeky women friends you want to hang out with”
-These are women you can see yourselves in, they are the online friends you want to hang out with
-What’s the mission with Geek Actually: Science-fiction, fantasy, have female characters, but there is not a lot out there about female nerds
-Breaking free from the male stereotype
-Serial Box offers this collection as serialized storytelling: the challenges and perks

Getting into Geek Actually:
-Location, location, location: so many couches across the world
-Internet friends are the best friends
-But the Internet also sucks sometimes, like when women get harassed
-What has changed, what has gotten better, and how have you dealt with that?
Geek Actually bridges a ton of genres and it works!
-It is written in reality. This is how women live!

What makes you geek out?
Game of Thrones, watching people watch Games of Thrones on Twitter, Marvel, spoiler-free experiences
-Is reaction-genre a thing? Yes, yes it is
-Female-driven movies are taking over — what makes you excited about them?

What to check out:
-Cathy’s Fandom Hearts series
-Melissa Blue’s Dirty, Sexy Geeks series
-Search for Geeky Romance! Lists exist!

What’s Next:
-Please get into contact with us if there are any book/adaptation/author-related episodes you would like to hear!
-Or suggest a book for book club, so Brittany does not have to!

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