Book Hype

Book Hype is’s official podcast for all things literature-related. Give your readers’ eyes a rest and tune in for news, reviews, recommendations and (of course) banter as your hosts bring you the best of the book world.

Episode #141: Abs Are Nice

Book Hype hosts Karen and Kristen are live at Indy PopCon 2017. We speak with authors Lauren Jankowski and J.S. Lenore.

Episode #137: All Things Jane Austen

Book Hype hosts Karen, Kristen, and Brittany finally talk about the wonderful world of Jane Austen: her life, her characters, and her brilliance!

Episode #136: Not So Quotable Quotes

Book Hype hosts Karen, Kristen, and Brittany are back with a new episode that is a mashup of Shakespeare, famous quotes and book news!