Episode #4 – Vampire Diaries for Dummies

Hosted by Tariq Herzallah, Sonya Faria, Selina Wilken

October 8, 2012

Tariq, Sonya and Selina are your hosts this week for a Vampire Diaries-centric episode in preparation for the season 4 premiere. Three seasons in one year?! Preposterous!

In this episode, we prove just how long of a hiatus it has been, as we all seem to have forgotten everything that ever happened on the show (stay tuned for more outtakes at the very end of the show, too). Good thing The Vampire Diaries returns next week, and we can’t wait to talk about each new episode as it airs. Tell your friends!


– We discuss the new cold open of season 4: is it a good introduction for new fans, or does it feel redundant?
– Two new clips have been released from 4×01 “Growing Pains,” showing Elena’s discovery and the brothers’ reaction. Sonya and Selina question whether the first episode is going to be able to wow us since we already know that Elena is going to complete the transition.
– The return of Miss Mystic Falls prompts a lengthy and confusing debate about whether the past three seasons could really have taken place within the span of a year?!
– Nina Dobrev and Ian Somerhalder have hinted at “vampire sex” in season 4. Could it be… with Elijah? No, Sonya says. It could not. Meanwhile, Tariq is still staunchly defending Team Stelena.
– Speaking of vampire sex, will Elena feed off Matt to complete her transformation, Bangel-style?
– The description of Phoebe Tonkin’s debut episode 4×03 “Born to be Wild”The Rager” has been released, and we discuss the information we learn about what has happened in the first two episodes.
– Who turned Katherine, anyway? Are there more Hybrids out there? And who the hell is Trevor?
– Two pieces of listener feedback bring up theories about the return of Ripper Stefan and Bonnie turning evil.

A note on the next couple of episodes: Vampire Hype will be dedicating itself to discussing the new season of The Vampire Diaries, which begins airing this Thursday. We will put out weekly episodes discussing the show, but you can still expect coverage of big Twilight and True Blood news, as well of course as extensive review shows for Breaking Dawn: Part 2. Follow @VampireHype for a heads up about what’s going on in each episode.