It’s the very first Webseries Wednesday here on Hypable, and we want you to choose your favourite webseries of all time. Vote now!

On Monday, we announced the beginning of Webseries Wednesday, a new column here on Hypable designed to explore the wonderful world of web shows. We asked you to nominate your favourite webseries and tell us what made you fall in love with it.

Based on your nominations, we have put together a list – but now it is up to you to choose the very best webseries, ever.

The webseries you nominated covered the many facets of the medium. There was no surprise to see shows like The Lizzie Bennet Diaries, Joss Whedon’s Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog, Geek & Sundry’s The Guild, and the Jane Espenson/Brad Bell production Husbands nominated by so many people, but what was even better was seeing people rally behind some of the less mainstream shows that have captured viewers’ imaginations.

The range of shows nominated demonstrated exactly what we hope to showcase through Webseries Wednesdays, and over the coming weeks, we’ll be featuring a new series every Wednesday – so stay tuned!

The poll will close Monday 6 May at 11.59pm. That gives you six days to marshal your fellow fans and get them voting. And trust us, you want to win this poll. Not only will your favourite show be elected the BEST webseries of all time, but it’ll also be the first webseries we are doing to be featuring in our Webseries Wednesday series.

Note that because there are so many options, and there’s no way WE can pick just one, we’ve allowed you to select your top three – but feel free to vote for just one or two, too!

Vote for your favourite webseries:

[poll id=271]

Webseries Wednesday:

If you missed our introductory article, Webseries Wednesday is a brand new weekly feature putting the spotlight on the webseries phenomenon, looking at a different series each week. We will be featuring hit series like The Guild and Husbands, parodies such as School of Thrones, and smaller gems that we will have fun discovering with you. We hope to shine a light on this fantastic medium, which showcases some of the best (but most underrated) shows.

The column will be written by Hypable’s resident webseries fanatics, Selina Wilken and Marama Whyte.

Graphic by Camden Remington

Please note: Because there is no way we could put every single webseries ever created on the list, we let the Hypable readers choose which series to nominate. So if you don’t see your favourite on the poll, it’s because it wasn’t nominated in the first round!

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