Last night’s episode of The Walking Dead was much calmer than last week, and we were happy for a lull in the action. Check out our Walking Dead recap for the full details on “Say the Word.”

There wasn’t a whole lot of action in tonight’s episode, but we learned a lot. The show was once again split between Woodbury and the prison. Our Walking Dead recap breaks down both settings.

Over in Woodbury, there’s a big party going on, but the Governor is busy elsewhere, spending some quality time with his daughter, Penny. Nice, right? You would think so, until you find out that Penny is a zombie.

The Governor still loves her, though, as creepy as that is.

Michonne isn’t in a partying mood, so instead she decides to steal back her katana once the Governor leaves his house. She wouldn’t have gotten caught with it except for her little side trip to kill a bunch of caged walkers.


The Governor tries to take her katana away again, but she uses her quickness to grab it back, threatening to drive it through the Governor’s throat. He lets her go after this, but he then tries to use Andrea to persuade Michonne to stay.

He gets under Michonne’s skin by telling her that she fits in Woodbury, and he wants her to be a part of his research team. She is still determined to leave, and even Andrea can’t convince her otherwise.

Michonne and Andrea try to test whether or not they can actually leave, and when Merle lets them through, Andrea is torn. She wants to stay and be comfortable in Woodbury, but she also wants to be with Michonne, who is her best friend. Michonne ends up leaving, and Andrea stays behind. We’re sad to see this breakup, but will Michonne be back?

Could the Governor track her down?

That evening, the Governor is more concerned with helping his townsfolk relax. Andrea accompanies him to this nighttime event, and we are soon introduced to a “zombie fight club” (as Chris Hardwick of Talking Dead likes to call it). Two people – in this case Merle and another guy – compete in hand-to-hand combat in the middle of an arena surrounded by chained walkers.

The Governor and Andrea

Andrea is disgusted, but when she tries to leave, the Governor pulls her back. She thinks that this is showing people that walkers aren’t dangerous, but he argues that it’s helping people to not be afraid. He explains to her how they remove the zombies’ teeth (which explains Merle taking out the one zombie’s teeth while they were poaching them), so they’re not as deadly.

Andrea looks like she wishes she had gone with Michonne now. (Merle wins this fight, by the way.)

Back in the prison, Rick is breaking down. Instead of staying with his new baby and comforting his motherless son, Rick goes on a zombie-killing rampage inside of the prison walls. Glenn even tries to calm Rick down and make him stop, but Rick is completely out of it and pushes Glenn up against a wall when he touches him.

After that, Glenn just lets him go.

Daryl takes Maggie on a trip to get supplies for the new baby, and when they find a daycare center, Maggie is able to snag some dried baby formula and diapers. They make it back to the prison safely, but Rick is nowhere in sight.

Daryl takes the baby from Carl, and works on quieting it quickly once they whip up some formula. Seeing Daryl holding that baby set off strong emotional reactions in Dixon’s Vixens everywhere. He was so sweet and adorable with her, even calling her a “little a** kicker.”

Daryl also breaks our hearts when he places a Cherokee rose on the grave meant for Carol. When they were looking for Sophia last season, this is the same flower he told her was grown from Native American mother’s tears as they left their homes on the Trail of Tears. So sweet and sad.

Daryl Dixon

We learn that Rick has gone back to the room where Lori gave birth and died, but there is no sign of her except for the blood. Instead he finds a bloated walker, who according to co-executive producer and director of tonight’s episode Greg Nicotero, actually ate Lori’s body.

If you look closely, you can see traces of Lori’s hair in the walker’s hands and mouth. Ew.

So that explains why Rick then shoots the walkers and stabs its bloated belly repeatedly. He also picks up the bullet off of the floor that Carl used to put Lori down. Fun fact: Nicotero also revealed that Andrew Lincoln keeps that bullet in his pocket while filming at all times.

Finally, amid the distant cries of his newborn child, Rick hears a phone start ringing, and then picks it up. Who could be on the other end? If you’ve read the comics, you have a pretty good idea of who it probably is.

There’s still no sign of Carol (since we don’t believe she’s dead), and Glenn is also convinced that they should have killed the prisoners on sight. Even though Oscar and Axel seem to be all right, could Glenn try to kill them off later this season?

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Intellectual property law may prevent Stephen Colbert of The Colbert Report from appearing on The Late Show, but it cannot stop his identical twin cousin.

Last week, Stephen Colbert brought a familiar face to visit The Late Show. Tucked away in the woods living happily ever after with Jon Stewart was Colbert’s character, host of The Colbert Report, champion of America, Her Excellency The Rev. Sir Doctor Stephen Tyrone Mos Def Colbert, D.F.A., Heavyweight Champion of the World** featuring Flo Rida La Premiere Dame De France. Or Stephen Colbert for short.

Colbert resisted bringing the character to The Late Show, choosing to introduce the world to the real Stephen Colbert. But the Republican National Convention selecting Donald Trump as their candidate for President demanded that Colbert dust off his Captain America shield and return to glory for one night only. And one night only is all we are going to see of that man.

Colbert late show colbert returns

Colbert announced on The Late Show that immediately after the live show on July 18, 2016, Viacom’s lawyers called up CBS and said that “the character Stephen Colbert is their intellectual property.” And so, Stephen Colbert revealed that Stephen Colbert, host of The Colbert Report would never be seen again.

Luckily, Stephen Colbert had an identical twin cousin! How might that work, you ask? Well Colbert’s mother was an identical twin and she and her sister married identical twins and gave birth at the same time and both named their sons Stephen Colbert. Rest assured attorneys, the two men are very different people. The banned Colbert went to Dartmouth, the cousin Colbert only applied there. The banned Colbert wears smart fitting suits, the cousin Colbert prefers a breezy American flag button down. Night and day those two.

Colbert late show werd

Real Stephen Colbert (are you confused yet?) asked cousin Colbert if he’d be willing to make himself available for future appearances on The Late Show, a task cousin Colbert was more than willing to take on. Loopholes!

Another intellectual property to fall to the wayside was “The Word,” a segment Colbert revived from The Colbert Report to introduce the word, “Trumpiness.” There’s a way around this one too. Introducing, “The Werd.”

Watch all of the Stephen Colberts in action and get the lowdown on “The Lesser of Two Evils” in the full segment from July 27.

The Late Show continues its live coverage of the Democratic National Convention tonight at whatever time Hillary Clinton is done speaking on CBS.

When in doubt, look to Harry Potter. At least, that’s what Marvel and Sony are planning for the latest Spider-Man reboot.

When Tom Holland showed up in Captain America: Civil War as Spider-Man, fans were obviously hesitant to throw too much weight behind his version of Peter Parker. The webslinger had been seen at the forefront of a blockbuster movie twice in the past couple decades, and even the biggest Spidey fans were wary of yet another incarnation.

But Holland swung himself right into our hearts with his charm and enthusiasm, both on screen and off. The cast took him under their wings and fans were soon to follow. So, when it was announced that he’d be starring in another solo Spider-Man film, titled Homecoming, the response was optimistic.

There are a lot of things Marvel and Sony are doing differently for Homecoming, not least of which is actually working together. Peter is also much younger than we’ve seen him in the past, and his story will focus as much on his time in school as his time fighting bad guys.

spider-man homecoming logo

In fact, the school year may even help structure Homecoming and subsequent Spider-Man solo films. Speaking to Collider, Kevin Feige even said they may take a leaf out of Harry Potter’s book:

“Should we be able to make more after [Homecoming]? Sure. This is sophomore year, is the next one junior year? Is the next one senior year? Is there a summer break between each of those? I don’t know what, but it was sort of how do we do a journey for Peter not dissimilar for what the students of Hogwarts would go through each of their years, which was one of the early ideas we had for the movies.”

This structure allows for a consistent progression of time for both the characters and the world. We’ll say goodbye to Peter at the end of the school year, but welcome him back again at the beginning of the next. It allows for changes to take place over the summer, for new threats to materialize, and for the story to stretch its legs and develop over the course of nine months, rather than a few short days.

But first we have to see if Spider-Man: Homecoming will be the hit both Marvel and Sony are hoping it’ll be.

How are you feeling about the current developments regarding ‘Spider-Man: Homecoming’?

Netflix has passed on picking up Agent Carter for a third season, and now they’re explaining why.

The cancellation of Agent Carter sent shock waves through the Marvel fandom. We get so few female-led properties in the superhero world, and Peggy was unapologetically kickass on every level. When ABC didn’t renew the show for another season, fans immediately started pitching to Netflix, hoping they would give the S.H.I.E.L.D. founder a new life.

Alas, it wasn’t to be so. In an interview with EW, Netflix Chief Content Officer Ted Sarandos explains why they decided to pass on the opportunity.

The first reason was because they’re looking for “truly original brands to own.” Netflix, as you probably know, already has a pretty clear corner on that market with Daredevil and Jessica Jones, both of which have been wildly popular, as well as their upcoming series Luke Cage and Iron Fist, all four of which will eventually merge into an Avengers-esque crossover series called Defenders. Plus, the Punisher is getting his own series, too.

ABC had already owned and put out two seasons of Agent Carter, which means, creatively, Netflix couldn’t take over the show and make it their own. They would have to honor what came before and make sure it had the same look and feel. Considering how wildly popular their original series have been (for reference, check out the current buzz about Stranger Things), it’s understandable that they’d rather focus on something they can build from the ground up.

The second reason why Netflix passed on Agent Carter is a bit more technical in that the streaming service likes to release its original content globally, something that would be difficult, if not impossible, due to Agent Carter’s current international restrictions. As Sarandos says, passing up on Agent Carter was “a business decision more than a creative one.”

But neither of those reasons make the situation any better for fans of the character and her solo show. While Netflix would’ve been an ideal place to watch Peggy’s next great adventure, we’ll have to hope the showrunners and Hayley Atwell can swing something else instead.

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