The 100

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A TonDC lawyer muses about science fiction show The 100‘s political relevance in Washington.

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In The 100 season 4, Chelsey Reist has been promoted to a series regular. What does this mean for Harper and Marper going forward?

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Can Clarke stop King Roan and his Azgeda army from marching on Arkadia? Find out what to expect in next week’s The 100 season 4, episode 5 “The Tinder Box.”

Mental health and TV: Awareness is rising, and it’s great

I’ve noticed that a lot of television shows lately have focused on some form of mental health issues, and it’s making TV a whole lot better.

Jasper’s arc on ‘The 100’ is real, raw, and underrated

No longer the happy kid we saw in The 100 season 1, Jasper has deteriorated before our eyes, becoming a hollow shell of his former self.

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The 100 season 4, episode 4 was all about lies and trust and Lord of the Rings references. It has my sword!

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In The 100 season 4, Bellamy and Clarke’s relationship only grows stronger as they try to navigate the end of the world together.

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The 100 season 4, episode 4, “A Lie Guarded,” feels like the true beginning of the season. Read our spoiler-light preview!

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The 100 composer Tree Adams shares season 4 soundtrack details with Hypable’s Hype Podcast.