Well, here it is Doctor Who fans! Following yesterday’s part 1 of our readers’ 50 favorite episodes so far, we proudly present you with your Top 25! Where will your favorite rank?

So, there were some surprises in yesterday’s list, as adventures like “The Waters of Mars,” “Dalek” and “The Unicorn and the Wasp” ranked in disappointing places – failing even to break the Top 40. Trust us, there are plenty more surprises to come as we count down from 25 in order to crown our readers’ favourite Doctor Who episode so far.

Onwards and upwards. GERONIMO!


Doctor Who “This is the story of how I died,” announces Rose in the prologue of “Army of Ghosts.” While her death is more metaphorical than initially made out, this episode begins the most heart-wrenching departure we’ve seen on Doctor Who. It’s not long before The Doctor, Rose and Jackie Tyler find themselves in Torchwood HQ (the irresponsible London division, not the cheeky Welsh team who fight car-driving blowfish and sleep with each other). As four Daleks prepare for war with the Cybermen and all of human kind, we were glued to our chairs waiting for the second part.



The beginning of the end for The Tenth Doctor, “The End of Time, Part 1” has plenty of set pieces and epic moments. Everything from an unstable Master turning all of humanity into a projection of himself to the sinister return of the Time Lords cranks up the Richter scale to stratospheric heights. But despite all the grandiose, returning character Wilfred Mott keeps The Doctor grounded and pulls on our heart strings – creating the perfect mixture of action and drama. Doctor Who



Doctor Who Oh, the feels. With part 1 narrowly missing out on a place in the top 25, “The Family of Blood” takes everything up a notch. From the action and suspense of the scarecrow attack on the school, to John Smith’s tearful farewell (there’s a good reason David Tennant won awards for his performance in this episode), our hearts are working overtime until they’re left broken by the ending. The conclusion to one of the most unique stories we’ve even seen on Doctor Who has everything an episode needs and then some.



In the opening minutes of “Day of the Moon,” Rory, Amy and River are apparently killed by Canton Delaware. But of course, this episode is full of twists, turns, surprises and general deceptiveness. Its genre bending narrative veers from sci-fi to horror to conspiracy so suddenly and so confidently that by the end we feel like we’ve watched a feature length movie. And of course, there’s the mysterious regeneration at the end of the episode – planting the seeds that are continuously sown throughout the series. Doctor Who



Doctor Who Steven Moffat’s Weeping Angels always make for a terrifying adventure, and “Flesh and Stone” keeps us on edge throughout. Continuing from “The Time of Angels,” the adventure rattles on at breakneck pace (and plenty of soldiers get their necks broken as well). The sense of humour remains present – specifically with The Doctor’s conversations with Angel Bob – but it takes a backseat as Amy’s time begins to run out. If you maintain that you weren’t hiding behind the sofa watching this one, you’re lying.



A unique, high concept sci-fi story that manages to keep the drama present and the emotion touching is always a compelling adventure, and “The Girl Who Waited” is as good a science fiction tale as you will ever see at the movie theater. With Amy stuck in a separate time-stream on an alien planet, some wibbly wobbly timey wimey stuff leaves her trapped for 36 years. Rory breaks into the quarantine facility and tries to free her, but finds himself with both an older and present day Amy. As the rules of fixed points and paradoxes come in to play, the three must battle robots and Rory is forced to make a heart-breaking decision. Doctor Who



Doctor Who Ranking a little higher than its concluding part, “The Time of Angels” brings the spectacular return of River Song and a tribe of Weeping Angels that are more powerful than we had ever seen before. There’s a surprising amount of comedy for such a dark adventure, with the chemistry (and plenty of flirting) between Matt Smith and Alex Kingston bringing welcome relief from the murder, suspicion and body-horror. “The Time of Angels” is all the more impressive when you remember that this was Smith and Gillan’s first shoot – you can’t tell, as they give confident and assured performances throughout.



“A Good Man Goes To War” was Doctor Who‘s first mid-series finale, and it justified the format with all the action, twists and effects we’ve come to expect from a series climax. “This is the day The Doctor finds out who I am,” warns River early on. The eventual revelation left fans with their jaws on the floor, but not before our hearts and nails had received a beating from the Star Wars like battles and tragic loss of young Melody Pond. When The Doctor is shown the consequences (both moral and mortal) of his knee-jerk reactions, we can see that he’s a changed man. A wonderful array of supporting characters and quotability galore ensure this episode will be remembered for a long time to come. Doctor Who



Doctor Who The Tenth Doctor’s swansong has all of the action and apocalyptic stakes you’d expect after Part 1’s cliffhanger, but that’s not what we love it for. It’s the last fifteen minutes that mark Part 2 as something special, with David Tennant’s Doctor given an unprecedented chance to bid farewell to all of his companions. These short moments are poignant and touching, wrapping up not just Ten’s arc but also many of his companions. As he saves their lives, finds them partners, looks on from the distance, and (in the case of Rose) says hello, he grows weaker. “I don’t wanna go,” he says before regenerating. We didn’t want you to either, David.



“The Impossible Astronaut” marks the first time Doctor Who had filmed in America, and the gorgeous Utah surroundings lend scope and beauty to a mind-boggling series opener. Minutes into the episode, The Doctor is struck down dead and laid to rest. Later, an earlier version of himself swaggers into a diner and whisks his companions away to the 1960s. With President Nixon, the mysterious Silence, and a distress call from a trapped girl, we crash into an adventure of twists and turns aplenty. As the groundwork is lain for a puzzling series arc, we’re left scratching our heads and picking up our jaws from THAT cliffhanger. Doctor Who



Doctor Who When the role call of Doctor Who stars’ names whiz across the screen at a frantic pace in the opening credits, we know we’re on for the reunion ensemble piece of the decade. And as the Daleks relocate Planet Earth and begin to invade, companions past and present assemble to protect the earth. But with his “children” fighting for their lives, The Doctor and Donna are left out of the loop in a desperate search. After an ecstatic reunion with Rose leads to tragedy, the turbulent events and adrenalin injected action comes to a crashing close – ready for the return of The Doctor’s most frightening adversary.



“Midnight” is a clean break from many of the sci-fi conventions we’ve become accustomed to. No CGI alien, no chase, no clever reveal. Just people in a room, talking. Oh, and slow-burning, agonizing tension that builds to a downbeat climax. As one of a shuttle’s passengers is possessed by an unidentified monster, the assorted tourists find themselves turning against eachother out of fear. Using words as weapons, panic and suspense mount and not everyone gets out alive. This adventure was a big risk for Doctor Who, but it all paid off and great directing, writing and acting gave us one of the most terrifying things in television history. Doctor Who



Doctor Who A lengthy pre-credits sequence follows a message from the delirious Vincent Van Gough through time and space, eventually leading The Doctor, Amy and River to Stonehenge in search of the ominous Pandorica. Various aliens, monsters and villains gather as the box begins to open – and it’s revealed to be a prison for The Doctor. When a revived Rory turns out to be an Auton, things get worse. With The Doctor imprisoned, Amy murdered, River and the TARDIS caught in a looping explosion and the whole Universe coming to an end, it looked like the game really was up. Breathtaking scope and a range of clever concepts cement “The Eleventh hour” in our collective psyche.



New Doctor, new companion, new rules. After the spectacle of “The End of Time,” Steven Moffat grounded things back on Earth to introduce the wacky Eleventh Doctor. As the newly regenerated alien waltzes in and out of Amelia Pond’s life, he finds himself having affected a whole childhood just by being “five minutes” late. When he returns, the feisty Amy is all grown-up and in danger as her home plays safehouse to the escaped Prisoner Zero. Confident performances and masterclass writing guides us towards a thrilling climax. And as Matt Smith steps out of the (literal) shadows of previous incarnations and declares “I am The Doctor,” we find ourselves asking “David Who?” Doctor Who



Doctor Who Davros is back, and has The Doctor right where he wants him. The assembled companions of the past fight the Dalek empire and save the earth (and indeed the Universe) from certain extermination. The mindblowing climax doesn’t pass without its casualties, and Donna is forced to forget her adventures and just how remarkable of a person she really is. This heartbreak is balanced by Rose finally getting her happy ending. “Journey’s End” is an emotional rollercoaster from start to finish, veering from action set pieces to tender tearjerkers in the blink of an eye.

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Sherlock finally made it to Hall H at Comic-Con and the creative team brought a few surprises. Steven Moffatt, Sue Vertue, Mark Gatiss, Amanda Abbington, and Benedict Cumberbatch were on hand to the thrill of fans.

Benedict Cumberbatch and crew definitely know how to work a crowd. Here are the top highlights of the panel that played to a crowd of thousands.

1. Season 4

They are currently two weeks from finishing Sherlock season 4. Cumberbatch said that “a lot comes home to roost this season… it’s ballsy.”

They have 26 pages to film this Tuesday. Cumberbatch states that the monologues are very challenging and take a lot of work.

As for actors’ favorite lines this season:

Gatiss: “Sherlock.”

Abington: Not a line but a beckoning gesture.

Cumberbatch: Can’t say.

Key names for next season (change from doing key words):

  • Moffat: Smith
  • Gatiss: Thatcher
  • Vertue: Sherinford

2. Keeping the show fresh

By not making as many episodes, the creators feel they actually keep the quality. They joked that under normal standards they’ve actually made about half a season of a standard TV show, or 13 episodes.

There are no plans for any other Victorian Era shows. Moffat feels that it would be less interesting if the mind palace returned there.

3. Learning curves and drugs

Gatiss stated that with 90-minute episodes you “really have to put [Sherlock and Watson] through the ringer.” Moffat added that because of this, Watson has to evolve. Watson can’t keep being amazed by Sherlock. As for Sherlock, “he can’t be the weird scary amoral man we met in the first episode… geniuses learn… he has to learn.”

Sherlock’s drug addiction comes back when he is not working. It’s hinted that the addiction will be a bigger issue this season than in the past.

4. The coat and the hair

There is apparently a big debate every year over changing the iconic coat. Sue Vertue wants to change it, and Steven Moffat wants to keep it. Benedict Cumberbatch dove into the debate stating, “I’m quite hung up on the coat…. but sometimes it has to come off.” The audience reaction was predictable.

Cumberbatch joked that he loved playing Sherlock in the Victorian era because of the slicked back hair. In the modern era it takes forever for his hair to get done. On a serious note, he loved the more straight-laced, clipped version of Sherlock.

5. First ‘Sherlock’ season 4 trailer

The teaser trailer featured this phrase over and over: “Something’s coming. It may be Moriarity, maybe not.” Literally every character we know and love looks like they are scared, angry, or worried on an epic scale.

One of the best moments is Mrs. Hudson saying with supreme venom to Mycroft, “Get out of my house you reptile.” Watch below:

6. Improv and family

There is actually, according to Cumberbatch, very little improvisation on set. It’s about how to do what’s there, and not messing with the script. He firmly believes that what is there is what is needed for the show.

Cumberbatch genuinely loves having his mom and dad play his TV mom and dad. Every now and then he can see his mother struggle to call him “Sherlock” and not “Ben.”

7. Mary in the know

Abbington didn’t know she was an assassin until well into the last season. When she found out, she told partner Martin Freeman, “My God, [the fans] are going to hate me.” Despite this, she loves the flawed characters of the series.

8. When will the series return?

No date was given for either the BBC release date or the PBS release date. We only know that it will premiere in 2017.

9. The dog photo

According to Cumberbatch the dog (depicted above) was a nightmare. “The dog wouldn’t fucking move,” he said. The companion was supposed to drag Sherlock all over London, but the dog didn’t like people, concrete, crowds… really anything about an urban setting.

Moffat and Gatiss resorted to writing a new scene on the spot to account for the lack of the dog’s interest in roaming. According to Gatiss all it did was drool on the concrete.

10. Future seasons?

Touching on the future of the series, Moffat stated, “Why is everybody assuming they survive season 4?” Gatiss joked, “We’re skipping season 5 and doing season 6.”

Moffat clarified that — contrary to recent reports — he never said that this season would be the last one (He’s right: All he said was the schedules of Cumberbatch and Freeman are only getting more difficult to work with). Gatiss added that they want to do more seasons, and they hope that they are able to.

Sherlock will be back in 2017. What do you think of the first season 4 trailer?

Marvel presented at San Diego Comic-Con on Saturday evening and offered new looks at Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, Doctor Strange, Spider-Man: Homecoming, and more.

“We only want to come to Hall H when we have a lot to show you,” teased Marvel’s Kevin Feige at the start of the panel. Indeed, they had a ton to offer — including news of a new Marvel theme park attraction!

Everything we’ve learned at Marvel’s SDCC panel

  1. Marvel kicked off their panel with a new logo and updated fanfare by composer Michael Giacchino.

  2. Black Panther had some casting news to share: Lupita N’yongo will be playing one of the guards at Wakanda named Nakia. Meanwhile, Michael B. Jordan will be playing Erik Killmonger. We also received brand new casting news: Danai Gurira has joined the movie — She’ll play Okoye, head of Dora Milaje! Finally, a new logo for the film was revealed:


  3. Thor: Ragnarok unveiled a behind-the-scenes look at the new film which included a look at Cate Blanchett as Hela. They also showed a documentary-style clip (think The Office) explaining where Hulk and Thor were during the events of Captain America: Civil War! In it, Thor had a tiny bed for Mjolnir and a crime board that tried to connect the Infinity Stones and discover their purpose. There is also mugshot of Loki. Like Black Panther, Thor: Ragnarok had a new logo to show off with a retro looking subtitle:


  4. Doctor Strange’s portion of the panel kicked off with a smoke and laser show to introduce Benedict Cumberbatch.

    Tilda Swinton was also at the panel and spoke about the Ancient One. “The truth is, anyone can be The Ancient One,” she said. A clip from Doctor Strange was also showed in which Steven Strange meets Tilda’s character (It won’t be online).

  5. Thankfully, a brand new and wholly epic Doctor Strange trailer was released. Watch below:

    A new poster was also unveiled:


  6. Next up was Spider-Man: Homecoming. Director Jon Watts described the film as a high school movie about a 15-year-old Peter Parker who’s in the 10th grade. A new clip was unveiled and had a strong John Hughes vibe — Peter Parker is just your average high schooler trying to get through the day. There was also this great moment:

  7. Next up: Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, which kicks off a few months after the first movie. The entire cast was there to introduce a new scene in which a very adorable Baby Groot helps Yondu and Rocket break out of prison. Baby Groot even has a little outfit! Adorably, the Ravengers — who captured Yondu and Rocket — refuse to hurt Baby Groot because of how cute he is.

    This movie got a new logo as well.


  8. Speaking of Marvel’s space dramedy, the studio also confirmed rumors of a Guardians of the Galaxy theme park attraction. It’s called Guardians of the Galaxy – Mission: BREAKOUT! and debuts Summer 2017 at Disneyland’s California Adventure theme park. Sadly, it’s replacing the classic Tower of Terror ride. Check out a behind the scenes video of the attraction:

  9. Marvel ended their panel by confirming that Brie Larson will play Captain Marvel, as was previously rumored. She took the stage to say hi to the adoring audience, and participated in a giant Marvel selfie:

All in all, Marvel had a ton to share. What do you think of all the developments?

DC kept the trailer train trotting along today with an all new trailer for Suicide Squad!

Though Suicide Squad is just a few weeks away from hitting theaters, DC kept the momentum going today with an all new trailer featuring music from the soundtrack, new footage, and a better look at what exactly we can expect from the upcoming villain-focused super hero movie. Check it out below.

The new (and likely final) Suicide Squad trailer comes after surprise premiere of the Wonder Woman trailer and an even bigger surprise with our first look at the Justice League trailer. As with the other trailers today, this one debuted publicly alongside its Comic-Con Hall H premiere.

In this trailer, we hear a lot from Will Smith who plays Deadshot and arguably the most decorated and respected actor among the cast. “They’re gonna blame us for the whole thing. We’re the patsies, don’t forget. We’re the bad guys.” The trailer is jam-packed with all of the villains and their powers and skills on full display.

We also get a better look at the leader of the pack, Jared Leto’s The Joker. “I can’t wait to show you my toys,” Leto’s Joker says while slapping around a man.

Margot Robbie’s Harley Quinn also gets a lot of screen time in this trailer. Though, most of it features close ups of her back side, which stays close to the adult, rugged tone of the other trailers we have seen thus far.

There’s no doubt that fans will be flocking to theaters rooting on the bad guys when Suicide Squad hits theaters on August 5th. Suicide Squad features

What did you think of the thrilling, action-packed trailer for Suicide Squad?