In an new interview with BBC America, Toby Whithouse covers his Being Human series (the new season launches later today on BBC America) and what his involvement is this season on Doctor Who. He talks about the types of stories we can expect to see this season.

ANGLO: How much can you tell us about the episode you’ve written for the upcoming season of Who?

WHITHOUSE: Well, certainly on this series, the episodes are much more stand-alone and, in a way, more distinct from each other. You’ll have episodes, but they’ll be much more of a specific genre. And the next week will be a different genre. My episode is in a genre I’ve never written before — frankly, no one has written in that genre for quite a while now. But I absolutely love it. Steven gives me a one-line pitch, and then I’ll go away and put together a story and so on. And he gave me a great one-line pitch for this, so I’m really excited about it. Doctor Who is always a joy to write. It never gets boring, it never gets dull, it never gets routine. It’s an incredibly difficult show to write because it’s remarkably complex, but it also has to have such momentum and pace. And within that there has to be room for character and humor and so on. It’s always a huge challenge but always extraordinary fun. That’s why I keep going back.

See more on BBC America (beware major spoilers for Being Human).

Whithouse has previously written the episodes School Reunion, Vampires in Venice, God Complex. He was also written the Greeks Bearing Gifts episode for Torchwood.

What type of episode do you think Whithouse has penned that’s different from his previous work?

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