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30 Rock is ending. Parks and Recreation is probably ending. They just hosted the Golden Globes together to huge fanfare. What’s next for Tina and Amy? We couldn’t help but fantasize about potential comedy show plots featuring these two as the leading characters!

Although Tina is rumored to be a part of The Muppets sequel, we haven’t heard much about Amy. Either way we want to see them work together again in the future. Here are some interesting concepts for potential comedy shows brought to you by some of the Hypable staff and some of my close friends who are also huge Tina and Amy fans like myself!

“Terrible Cops”

Yes, this has already been done with Reno 911, we know. But, how hilarious would it be for these two to be cop partners who are bad at their jobs?! We don’t think Tina and Amy would go for the aloof-female-cop comedy but it would be fun nonetheless! Thanks to my friend Lauren for this one.


Hypable writer Selina came up with this one! A half-hour comedy set in a historical setting? Say, the Civil War? That hasn’t been done before (or has it?). Could you imagine Amy and Tina portraying characters struggling with the lifestyles of the 1800s? If anyone could pioneer this type of genre it would be Amy and Tina! Any scenario where either of them could be potentially thrown from a horse seems like comedy gold!

Tina and Amy as lesbian parents

Think The New Normal but with Amy and Tina! With Modern Family paving the way for exposing different, non-traditional households, this seems to fall right in to that line of thinking. Both Modern Family and The New Normal feature gay men as the parents but maybe it’s time to consider some lesbian parents, too! It might be hard for two best friends to portray a couple, but Amy and Tina have no boundaries when it comes to comedy. Great idea from Hypable writers Sonya and Michal!

Tina and Amy making it as female comedians in a male-dominated industry, working title: “Second City”

One great thing about this concept, brought to us by Hypable writer Gabrielle, is that it would give them an open book to basically put them in any scenario you could imagine! We’d love to see them getting into crazy scenarios throughout Chicago where the comedy club The Second City is located.

“Divorced Roommates”

This one I thought up while chatting with some friends. What if Amy and Tina are middle-aged, divorced and forced to move in together? It would be the ultimate roommate comedy. With the success of New Girl, Girls and even Glee, the roommate comedy is making a comeback!

Do you have an idea you think would work really well for Amy and Tina? Pitch your show idea in the comments section below!

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