Now that The Vampire Diaries has officially ended, it’s time to look back at our fond memories from its eight year run.

Hypable went straight into the heart of Mystic Falls (aka Covington, Georgia) to ask some of the biggest fans of The Vampire Diaries what their favorite memory of the series was. The responses were all over the map! Shippers came out in full force to support their favorite couple, fans shared amazing stories about meeting the cast members, and a couple of the characters even weighed in on their favorite moments…

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Some people knew their pick before we even finished asking the question, while some took their time to come up with the perfect answer. In the end, everyone narrowed it down to one (okay, sometimes two) amazing highlight from their The Vampire Diaries experience.

Check out what these fans chose as their favorite memories from The Vampire Diaries, and let us know what moments you’ll always hold dear, in the comments.

Getting to meet Ian at Walker Stalker last year. He held my hand and his smoldering eyes pierced my soul!

When Alex surprised me by bringing me to Covington and the Mystic Grill and the town square.

Damon Dance!!! “Let’s dance.”

When Damon doesn’t make it through from the Other Side and he’s saying goodbye to Elena. S5-EP22. “I love you, Elena Gilbert.”

All of the Stelena moments are my favorite!

When Stefan proposes to Caroline!

Damon & Elena first kiss.

Getting my FANGS.

When I took a pic with Nina while she was filming the series finale!

When Bonnie and Damon hold hands at the end of season 5.

When Damon first meets Elena. “You want a love that consumes you.”

When Damon said, “come here cutie,” when I met him. #WalkerStalker2014

(side note from her father: “USELESS” Matt Donovan crying about being the only human in Mystic Falls.)

My favorite episode was when we first met Damon and when he said, “hello brother,” I immediately fell in love with him.

Left: When Klaus tells Caroline he intends to be her last love after Graduation.

Right: When Damon & Elena dance during the Miss Mystic pageant.

The time I saw Ian eating a banana!

the vampire diaries favorite memory

When Klaus tells Caroline he intends to be her last love.

When Elena’s compulsion wears off and she realizes she met Damon FIRST!

When Elena finally fell for Damon!

My favorite memory of The Vampire Diaries is when Klaus and Caroline danced together in season 3, episode 14!!

Left: Delena rain kiss. Season 6.

Right: When Alaric crawls out of the storm drain in season 8.

Left: Stefan and Elena’s first kiss!

Right: Steven R. McQueen sang Happy Birthday to me when I turned 18.

My favorite is when Klaus and Caroline finally hook-up. :)

When Damon & Elena are at the pond in the rain & she tells him to promise it is forever.

Caroline and Klaus.

Being Caroline’s “last love”…stay tuned.

Still waiting on that June wedding…Klaus?

Meeting Paul Wesley & Candice Accola.

Delena rain kiss.

Left: “Hello Brother.”

Right: Season 5 finale.

Stelena: When Stefan called Elena on her B-day even under Klaus’ compulsion

Delena: When Elena got her memories back & realized she saw Damon first!

My favorite memory was doing a Vampire Diaries tour.

Left: When Damon is in Elena’s bedroom and kisses her, then compels her to forget.

Right: When Damon and Elena drive the Camaro into the Mystic Grill.

My favorite thing on The Vampire Diaries is DAMON.

Meeting Ian @ Walker Stalker! #tvdforever.

Thanks to everyone who participated!

What’s your favorite memory from ‘The Vampire Diaries’?

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