Following months of hopes, dreams, and speculation, we’re learning today once and for all that The Office series finale will indeed include a return by Steve Carrell.

TV Line confirms with sources that Carrell will be making “a cameo [more] than a full-fledged guest appearance” on The Office season 9 finale which bows on May 16.

Over the weekend, Carrell made a surprise appearance at The Office series wrap party held in Scranton, Pennsylvania. A photo from his appearance can be seen below:

The Office's Steve Carrell appears at farewell event

“To be completely sincere, I miss the people. They’re really good friends. And the booze,” Carrell said at the farewell event held over the weekend.

“I miss them everyday,” he added, “and I know America’s going to miss them in two weeks.”

The Office fans had figured for some time that Carrell would be making an appearance of some sort given his importance to the first several seasons of the show.

Reports in recent weeks indicated that NBC had made an 11th hour attempt to get Carrell one final time. His rep went on to confirm that he was on the set for the show’s final shoot, but denied any involvement in the filming itself.

We’ll be sure to share a clip from Carrell’s The Office series finale cameo after the episode airs. We imagine NBC will remain mum to try and keep the surprise for as many people as possible.

Thanks, TV Line.

While we wait: How do you think Michael Scott will appear in The Office series finale?

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