The season 2 finale of The Leftovers airs tonight. Is it time to bid Miracle farewell or finally time to accept the impossible and settle in?

How much do you know? Paying attention to the details of The Leftovers season 2 has paid off for viewers. From bird burials to slips of the tongue, nearly every detail within the city limits of the town proclaimed Miracle played some role in crafting a mystery that may see some solution by the end of tonight’s finale.

The Guilty Remnant scarcely made their presence known this season. As the catalyst for season 1’s destruction, the move away from Mapleton did not eliminate the watchful eyes an influence of the GR in season 2. The “second departure” of Evie Murphy and her friends proved to be less mysterious and more deceitful.

The Leftovers season 2 finale Erika

But much like The Leftovers season 1, the GR is revamped, repurposed, and more threatening than before. With no source material left to adapt, The Leftovers threw a Hail Mary pass and saw success, something few shows rarely achieve. While The Leftovers continues to fly under the radar as one of the best shows of 2015, fans will witness a thrilling conclusion tonight.

Kevin returns to come clean to John about his role in Evie’s disappearance, but first he has a few questions about his own disappearance and subsequent rebirth. As the fourth anniversary of The Great Departure approaches, the GR has another reminder in store, lest the people of the world forget they are living reminders.

Watch The Leftovers season 2, episode 10, “I Live Here Now,” tonight at 9:00 p.m. ET on HBO.

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