Teen Wolf season 3 is going to be rough – for the audience and for Beacon Hills residents – and it looks like all those deaths won’t be swept under the rug.

In a spoiler scoop with E! Online yesterday, we found out that Danny is actually in the band. Who knew, right?

And while this isn’t exactly earth shattering news, the reason why we learn this bit of information is quite depressing. It turns out that Danny, “is actually part of the school band and performs at a school assembly later in the season.”

That school assembly might just be in remembrance of the fallen. An extra on the Teen Wolf set recently tweeted out a picture of a pamphlet from a memorial concert, seen below.

Teen Wolf Season 3 Memorial Concert

Fans are in a tizzy over the subheading, which reads, “Lives lost but not forgotten.” Ominous. The lives being referred to could obviously be those that were killed in the previous season, like Matt, who had actually died only a few months prior. However, considering they’re filming episode 9 or 10 right about now, it might be prudent to assume that this concert is for the recently deceased.

One good bit of news? We at least know Danny is still alive at this point!

The remainder of that spoiler is about Danny’s instrument of choice, which we’ve learned starts with a letter T. A trumpet might be a good guess considering the somber mood of the concert.

Who do you think the memorial concert is for?

More ‘Teen Wolf’ news

Earlier today we got some behind-the-scenes photos from the first episode of season 3!

A few days ago we got our first character portraits for the third season, including Scott, Allison, Derek, Stiles, Lydia, and the Alpha Pack twins, Ethan and Aiden. More are sure to be released soon. Also keep an eye out on 4/14 for the first official season 3 footage!

And don’t forget about all the new footage and information that came out of WonderCon!

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