File this in the somewhat awkward category. Tonight, Glee showrunner Ryan Murphy tweeted a shirtless Blaine Anderson Christmas photo.

Ryan Murphy tweeted the photo below with the tweet:

“Merry Christmas. Men of McKinley calendar coming soon…”

Though initially we thought this was just a joke, it seems a bit too well done for it to be a joke.

That brings us to the fact that Blaine Anderson is meant to be a high school student. Isn’t it kind of weird for Glee to be making calendars with shirtless high school students? Maybe it’s just us?

We thought that maybe this calendar would be used in the context of the show but with the Christmas episode just airing last night we find it hard to justify the calendar being included.

It’s still uncertain whether the Men of McKinley calendar is a real thing and if it is when it will be available. As of this time of posting, the tweet has 2,180 retweets and 2,181 favorites, so it’s clear that most people are on board with a shirtless Darren Criss/Blaine Anderson photo.

What are your thoughts about a Men of McKinley calendar?

Is it a calendar that you would support and purchase despite it being full of high school characters? Leave your thoughts in the comments section below!

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