Your choices have been tallied and the men of Supernatural have been sorted!  The big question here: What house did Sam make it into?

Supernatural meets the Sorting Hat.

Dean: Gryffindor

Everyone was pretty split on either Gryffindor or Slytherin, but his bravery and loyality (and arrogance) seemed to outweight his

Crowley: Slytherin

This was a real duh for everyone.  Dark wizard or dark demon, Slytherin is equal opportunity for all baddies.

Cas: Hufflepuff

Cas was another easy choice for everyone. Only one person thought Ravenclaw would have been better, but I must say, angels look good in yellow.

Bobby: Ravenclaw

Ravenclaw or Hufflepuff?  Some thought Ravenclaw because of his researching skills and others thought his compassion and forgiveness better suited him for Hufflepuff.  Ravenclaw won by two votes.  The eagles have it.

And now the hardest to sort:

Sam: Ravenclaw

This was the closest match of the boys.  The score:
Gryffindor – 3
Ravenclaw – 4
Slytherin – 3
Hufflepuff – 3

Among what some of y’all referred to as the ‘Harry Potter Problem’ of having demon blood in his body; his need to rationalize everything, the fact he doesn’t want to cause harm to anyone and yet is cunning to Dean in more ways than good, it just came down to the numbers.  So ladies and gents, Samuel Winchester of Lawrence, Kansas (according to Hypable) is a Ravenclaw.