Posted on 1:08 am,
July 9, 2013

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Back in May, Glee Chat had Dalton Academy Glee actor Curt Mega on for a very special live season 4 finale Google hangout! Listen to the audio version of that video here.

Listen in to the Glee Chatters discussing episode 4×22 of Glee, “All or Nothing.”

On this episode of Glee Chat, we discuss:

-What was it like for Curt to get his solo in “Uptown Girl”?

-How was Curt picked to be on Glee?

-Can we expect to see the Warblers back?

-Mitch, once again, doesn’t know an artist who’s song was performed on Glee.

-Britney is going to MIT! Could we tell Heather Morris was pregnant in this episode?

-The catfish is Wade. The hosts weigh in on this bombshell.

-We take your live questions on Twitter to ask Curt!

Feel free to watch this episode of Glee Chat to see the beautiful faces of the hosts along with their voices!

Expect a brand new Glee Chat episode tomorrow, where the hosts will discuss their overall thoughts of season 4, along with all of the latest season 5 breaking news!

This episode's hosts: John Thrasher, Megan Stoll, Roxanne Clark, Mitchel Clow, and special guest Curt Mega

  • Minority Warrioring Wankiness

    The catfish is named Unique, actually. She’s transgendered, and it’s best to use the name she chooses for herself. Not Wade.

  • kate

    why is Kurt yellow?

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