Posted on 12:00 pm,
August 21, 2012

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Our amazing friend Simone joins John and Jess on episode 42 as we rehash the season 2 finale of The Glee Project + other fun Glee news and tidbits!

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Here’s what you can expect from this really fun episode of Glee Chat!

  • John welcomes Simone back to the show!
  • Jess recaps us on her fun adventures with Natalie and other Hypable staff at LeakyCon
  • We rehash The Glee Project season 2 finale
  • One of us LOVES swingsets
  • Were the last chance performance songs the best the contestants could have chosen?
  • Jess and Simone discuss whether Aylin choosing “Rolling In the Deep” was a bold choice or not
  • Jess has thoughts about Blake winning
  • We speculate about Blake’s role and Ryan Murphy’s tweet about who his character is dating
  • We react to some of the announced music for season 4
  • We react to the 30 second promo that was released last week

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This episode's hosts: John Thrasher, Jessica Chapman, Simone Poinga-Hill

  • Jessica Humphrey

    Re: your speculations as to who Blake would play or date, I can’t get the idea out of my head that wouldn’t it be dramatic if Blake’s character enrolled in McKinley and it turned out that he was one of Blaine’s bullies from the Sadie Hawkins dance.  This could showcase Blake’s acting versatility as well as address a much-asked about storyline of Blaine’s without Kurt needing to be present or central to character development.  I don’t anticipate this actually happening, but a girl can dream.

    • Anna-FilmGirl

      That’s an AMAZING idea! I wish the Glee writers would actually be that smart. 

    • Cassie Drake


    • Mary Warren Dickens

      Dude, that would be so awesome! 

    • Jack F

      That was AMAZING!! OMG PLEASSEE!!

    • Simone

      YES! ALL THE YES! Unfortunately I have a feeling he’s gunna date Blaine :(

    • NatalieFisher

      This is a FANTASTIC idea and I seriously hope it happens.

  • Cassie Drake

    Man, normally I’m next to my computer awaiting the new Glee Chat episode, but today I had errands to run. No giveaway for me :(

  • Rosie

    Remember when #KeepSimoneOnGleeChat? Can we bring it back?

    I loved the episode, as always :) I’m happy that Blake won, but I’m not happy that Ali and Aylin didn’t win. As I said, I would have been much happier if Ryan Murphy had picked one winner last season and had all three win this season. What I really hope is that they do something really good with Blake’s character rather than have him as a stereotypical cookie-cutter jock. My initial thoughts as to who he might date was Unique as well, which I think I would like as much as I dislike the fact that s/he’s transferring – and on that note, is Wade just a crossdresser or transgender? Because I always feel really awkward referring to his, or her, gender in conversation! 

    Then again, back to Blake, I really like Jessica’s idea below in the comments as well. I would LOVE that to happen because I have so much headcanon about Sadie Hawkins night and really want to know more about his backstory in general. 

    • Simone

      You mean #banSimonefrommicrophones? lol, thanks you are adorbs :) “What I really hope is that they do something really good with Blake’s character rather than have him as a stereotypical cookie-cutter jock.” < PREACH.

    • NatalieFisher

      The issue of transvestite vs transgender is one that is quite delicate and I hope they’ll handle it well on the show.

      • Rosie

        I agree. I think they’ve already worked themselves into a bit of a situation by not clarifying it already and then having Wade transfer, because the moment something happens such as that which the fandom wishes to start talking about, they never know how to address mar. I’d like to hope Glee will do it well, but they tend to be very hit-and-miss over some of the issues they’ve tried to deal with in the past – I’m still not over I Kissed A Girl! I can only hope they seek out advice as to how to write a trans* character like what happens when a soap opera over here tries to write a sensitive storyline so they make sure they do it well.

      • John Thrasher

        So true. I think they can.

  • Simone

    Love the episode title haha, you’re never too old for a good swing set. I reckon if Blake got a ‘Unique’ entrance it would be Blake going up to Sam and Finn and being like: ‘if you two had a love child it would be me.’

  • Tyra-Shanks

    I’ve always enjoyed listening to Glee Chat, but I feel like my time listening has come to an end. I love the hosts individually, but together, they lack chemistry! I know that this many of their first podcasts, but it keeps getting worse as the show goes on. 

    I wish that the show would provide real feelings towards Glee, not just a rushed summary by John, and a sentence of commentary by another host. I notice that when someone like Roxanne or Cody would rant or give an honest opinion, nobody comments on it, or backs them up and they just move on! I wish the hosts would give more personality, and play off each other. I feel so bad for Mitch when the hosts leave him hanging or just sigh (episode 41 was the worst of that so far). I don’t feel like there is a friendship or connection, and as a listener I can’t connect with the hosts.

    I hope that as Glee goes into it’s 4th season, Glee Chat finds some reliable hosts, because two hosts suck when they have no personality! I hope that you have less summary and more discussion, and have more honest opinions with feelings behind them. 

    I used to love the show when Megan, Cody and Roxanne were on, but now it’s falling a little flat. I understand it’s summer, but come on, 2 hosts? I hope that you understand that this isn’t meant to be mean, just sharing my feelings, because I used to enjoy this podcast, and I love Hypable! I would suggest listening to the podcast Gleeful! They put out a great show, and I think Glee Chat could learn from them. 

    • Rosie

      I’m a sporadic Gleeful listener as well, and I think the main difference I found between it and Glee Chat is that Glee Chat gets the actual Glee fandom more. There used to be another podcast called Gleeks Anonymous Broadcast which was wonderful, but did only a few episodes before somehow disappearing, where the hosts were all very much involved in the fandom as well as the show itself. But I love how Glee Chat keeps up with the news/some spoilers, whereas I rarely got that from Gleeful. I only tend to listen to it now when there’s an episode of Glee/TGP that I’m particularly interested in.  Though I think the host chemistry on that may well come from the fact two of the three hosts are married to each other!

    • Simone

      That awkward moment when the hosts are the reason I love it… a decent critique rather than just pure hate is refreshing to see. I think Gleeful was the first Glee podcast I tried listening to but I passed it up

    • John Thrasher

      Sorry to hear you’re not longer interested! We do the best we can with what we have and have some awesome fans! Best of luck to you! :)

  • guest

    to be honest, i really dont want blake to date unqiue. While im sure he could pull it off, it would just be weird. Personally i really don’t like the character unqiue (partly because i’ve always hated alex and i would much prefer blake to date lindsay.

    • John Thrasher

      See that’s what I think will be interesting about it…the fact that it’ll be weird. Yes, it is a bit odd from the outside, but love is always ALWAYS about what’s on the inside. The non-traditional look and feel being trumped by true love could really tell an amazing story. They don’t have any “this doesn’t make sense at all” type of romance on this show just yet, and this could be the next step in their storytelling of gay characters. Just my 2 cents!

  • thegarbar13

    Natalie, It was great meeting you at LeakyCon!

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