Glee Chat Podcast

Episode #41 – Our Box Scene Was Better

Hosted by John Thrasher and Mitch Clow

August 13, 2012

John and Mitch take over the reigns in episode 41 rehashing The Glee Project 2×10 plus tons of other Glee news!

This episode of Glee Chat is full of all of these goodies:

  • John thanks Mitch and Jessica for taking over on episode 40
  • John talks about him and Natalie meeting up in NYC!
  • We announce a giveaway for a signed copy of Chris Colfer’s new book The Land of Stories
  • We rehash the penultimate episode of season 2 of The Glee Project
  • We predict who we think will win of the final 3 contestants
  • We break down how each contestant would contribute to season 4
  • We talk about the 2 new deleted scenes that were released since our last episode
  • Kevin McHale may be hosting the X Factor – we weigh in
  • More talk about the Glee Chat Mansion

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