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Parks and Recreation co-creator Mike Schur has spoken up about yet another important aspect of the forthcoming fourth season in the series: the appearance of Tammy 1.

Throughout the show, we’ve known that Ron Swanson has two ex-wives, both named Tammy. Tammy 2, as she became known, was portrayed by Nick Offerman’s real-life spouse Megan Mullally, but Tammy 1 will be brought around by Patricia Clarkson.

Back when she was cast for the role, Offerman said, “I’m lucky enough to be pals with [Patricia], and I was involved in trying to woo her to the show . . . So Megan and I were just over the moon.”

Well, now that season four is just around the bend (September 22nd), it’s time to hear a little more, and Mike Schur is the man for the job.

Speaking to Zap2it, Schur offered a few morsels of information about what we should expect from Tammy 1 this season.

“I think what the audience will be surprised to learn is that Tammy 2, played by the gorgeous Megan Mullally, may turn out to be the most kitten-like, timid woman of the Tammys. I am about as giggly as a schoolgirl to be in a position where I’m portraying a man who’s made love to both Megan Mullally and Patricia Clarkson. That is a consummation devoutly to be wished.”

“The relationship she has with Ron is not as hedonistic, animal attraction, pure and simple, that we’ve seen before . . . They have a much different, more complicated, rich backstory that we get into. The point of casting Patricia Clarkson was to let her be Patricia Clarkson, and I think we accomplished that.”

What do you think about Schur’s preview information? Excited for season 4 yet?

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