Once Upon a Time writer and producer Jane Espenson has given a new interview in which she discusses the season 1 finale, why Mr. Gold is going to see Archie Hopper and more. Beware of spoilers.

Speaking to TV Line, Espenson reveals that Mr. Gold will be going to see the Storybrooke psychologist, Archie. She teases that he’s “going through real stuff” in tonight’s episode:

August is going to do something that catches his attention. […] He’s trying to figure out who August is, and at the same time the fairytale story has him dealing with his beloved son Baelfire. Questions will be raised about August that push his buttons in a genuine way. Because Mr. Gold has all those memories, unlike most characters when we flash back, we see things he actually remembers, so he’ll be thinking about his son.

On David and Mary Margaret’s rocky road to romance:

I have a good feeling about them making it work in the long-term, but they’ve got a lot of obstacles to get through. Hang tight for the season finale (airing May 13), where you’ll get some resolution.

Finally Espenson discusses the season finale, and how it revolves around the Emma and Regina rivalry:

This confrontation between Emma and Regina is a prequel to a later confrontation that’s going to absolutely thrill and delight. This season finale is go to be one of the best hours of television you’re ever going to see in your life. I am blown away by it. Absolutely everything happens. The confrontations, relationship resolution…. There’s a lot going down!

Don’t miss tonight’s episode “The Return,” which airs at 8 p.m. EST on ABC.

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